What is the Purpose of Fasting?

What is the Purpose of Fasting?

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What is the purpose of fasting? That's what we're going to talk about today.

Hello everyone, my name is Allen Parr and today I want to ask and answer three questions …
Read Isaiah 58: 1-9 (3 times in the video)
1. What is fasting? (sum (hbr) means "to cover" the mouth and nestuo (grk) means "to abstain"
to. Fasting is when voluntarily (the Bible does not order it) chooses to sacrifice something of value with the purpose of seeking God more intensely.
second. It is usually food because for most people food is the hardest thing to give up. However, if the food is not for you (for example, sex (in marriage), social networks, entertainment, etc.), then you may want to fast from the food and another thing that you know would be a sacrifice for you on the screen) and instead devote that time to God.
2. Why should we fast? (Many of the great saints of the Bible practiced fasting (Paul, David, Elijah, Jesus, Moses, Esther, etc.)
to. Main decision: asking God for instructions before making an important decision (Judges 20:26, Acts 14:23)
second. Personal revival: rekindle your passion for God and experience personal revival
do. Spiritual strength: when people in the Bible fasted they felt spiritually stronger after fasting (Mt 4: 17) (If you can not overcome the power of your womb, how can you overcome the power of a demon?)
re. Health benefits (longer life, resistance to diabetes and other diseases)
my. Spiritual leaders encourage him (repentance, mourning, spiritual revival)
3. How should we fast?
to. In private – Mt. 6: – Jesus says that when you fast you do not walk with a long face because you are so hungry with the hope that someone will ask you why you are hungry.
second. Regularly – (Luke 2:37) – Fasting should not be done once at the beginning of the year and never again. It is supposed to be a continuous part of their Christian life, such as prayer and Bible study.
do. Intimately – In other words, do not concentrate so much on what you are giving up (this is called diet versus fasting) instead of focusing on developing intimacy with God as a replacement, but rather concentrate on putting your total and total attention on God.

One of the greatest benefits of fasting is that it exposes idolatry in your life. When you fast if all you can think about is what you are surrendering to instead of concentrating on God, it could be that you are an idol in your life.

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What is the Purpose of Fasting?

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