What Is Dragon Fruit Good For? 6 Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit (Pitaya)

The pitahaya is a fruit that you may have never heard before. However, they may know it as the fruit of the dragon or the fruit of the cactus. It is an exotic fruit with some defined health benefits.

Just as it has three different names, it also has several different colors. The most widely found pitahaya has a white flesh and black seeds. Others may have a red meat and others have a yellow skin with a white flesh.

Although it may seem strange and have strange names, it is a great source of antioxidants, it is rich in important nutrients and contains many different vitamins, essential for good health. Even better than that, it has a great flavor.

Called a tropical superfood by some, the pitahaya may seem like a mix between a kiwi and a pear. It is like a kiwi because the seeds also contain a ton of nutrients such as omega 3 and omegas 6, good fats.

The flesh of the fruit is high in vitamin C, which contributes to a strong and healthy immune system. It is also a good source of carbohydrates and even fiber. Although not as high in B-complex vitamins, pitahaya contains some B1, B2 and B3, along with calcium, iron and phosphorus. Finally, lycopene, with its properties to fight cancer, also appears on our list of important vitamins found in pitahaya. So, what are some practical ways in which these vitamins and minerals found in pitahaya can help us?

Fight against diabetes

First, pitahaya can help control our blood sugar. It is a fantastic food for diabetes because of its low glycemic index. But, it not only helps those who have already been diagnosed with diabetes, but it could also help prevent the development of diabetes in those who do not. In laboratory rats, it was discovered that pitahaya reduced one of the risk factors for diabetes.

Aids in proper digestion

Because it is a good source of dietary fiber, pitahaya helps keep it regular. The fiber ensures that our digestive system is functioning properly and prevents constipation.

The fiber that contains the dragon fruit is a soluble fiber, so it decreases the absorption of sugar and stabilizes the levels of sugar in the blood. In addition, it can lower LDL levels, bad cholesterol and provide a feeling of additional fullness that could also help you lose weight.

Controls cholesterol

Pitahayas contain betalains, which are pigments that give the fruit its rich colors. But that's not all the pigments do. They are primarily responsible for maintaining lower levels of bad cholesterol, which has already been mentioned.

Work to prevent cancer

Due to the high level of antioxidants and anticancer agents found in the Dragon fruit, it is able to fight certain types of cancer. Add it to the list of delicious fruits that are also rich in antioxidants for a healthy lifestyle.

Promotes healthy skin

The vitamin C found in pitahaya is excellent for the skin. It has been shown to delay the aging process and combat the effects of overexposure to the sun. This great fruit makes your skin feel good, but also makes it look good.

Promotes a healthy heart too

The pitahaya has flavonoids that have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. Several studies have found that foods rich in flavonoids are extremely important for a healthy heart. However, high levels of vitamin C also contribute to our cardiovascular health by reducing the risk of stroke, according to the American College of Clinical Nutrition.

While you can not eat the skin of a pitahaya, you should pay attention to this peel when you are in the market selecting your fruit. It is better to choose a firm one and let it ripen at home to obtain a juicy pulp with a great flavor.

Like a kiwi, to extract that half creamy meat, you will have to cut it in half and remove the edible meat and seeds. Try adding it to a fruit salad for its excellent taste and fresh appearance. You will not regret

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Video credits to Natural Cures YouTube channel

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What Is Dragon Fruit Good For? 6 Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit (Pitaya)

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