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Treatment of diabetes with bitter melon | Treatments for diabetes | Health Counselor
The 60-second habit reversed diabetes and melted 56 pounds of fat:

The bitter melon or Momordica Charantia is a vegetable that grows in tropical areas such as East Africa, Asia, South Africa and the Caribbean. This vegetable is rich in iron, beta-carotene, calcium, potassium, phosphorus and other dietary fibers. In many countries, it is also used as an herbal medicine because of its properties that help improve insulin production. Clinical studies show that bitter melon increases the production of beta cells in the pancreas, which leads to an improvement in the production of insulin in the body. It is also believed to be beneficial to the liver and may act as an antitumor agent. Because of its health benefits, bitter melon is used by many as an alternative treatment for diabetes.

Diabetes is a disease characterized by the presence of high levels of glucose in the blood and by the secretion of excess glucose in the urine. This medical condition develops due to relatively low levels of insulin that lead to an irregular metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Diabetic people feel hungry and thirsty most of the time. In addition, these people tire easily physically and mentally. They may also suffer constipation, excessive itching around the genital area and general weakness. Other parts of the body that are affected by diabetes are the heart, kidneys, eyes, blood vessels and nerves. In addition to these health effects, diabetes is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence among men.

Diabetes causes impotence because it alters the bodily systems, such as the circulatory, nervous and endocrine systems. All the organs of these systems work in harmony to allow blood to flow to the penis so that an erection can take place. Higher glucose levels caused by diabetes damage blood vessels and nerves. Complications in the state of the blood vessels can hinder the flow of blood to the penis, which hinders erection. In addition, several medical studies show that people with diabetes are more likely to have low testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone responsible for increased libido, energy and other reproductive health problems. Men with type 1 diabetes are more likely to become impotent once they reach 40 years of age.

Many health experts recommend the use of alternative medications, such as better melons for the treatment of diabetes. Many studies show that bitter melon can reduce blood sugar levels in the body. Charantine, P polypeptide and oleonolic acid glycosides are some of the bitter melon ingredients that are essential in the treatment of diabetes. Charantin consists of mixtures of natural steroids that show lower levels of blood sugar in the body. The polypeptide P, contains alkaloids that can also promote healthy levels of blood sugar. Oleanolic acid glycosides, on the other hand, can prevent the retention of sugar in the intestines. Improvements in these areas lead to improved levels of insulin in the body.

Diabetes can be treated with alternative medicine and adjustments in lifestyles. Many health experts advise people with diabetes to include bitter melon in their diet to reduce their intake of anti-diabetic medications. This alternative healing method, however, should not be considered as an independent treatment.


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    Treating Diabetes With Bitter Melon | Diabetes Treatments | Health Adviser

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