Top 7 tips, How To Lower Blood Sugar Naturally?

Top 7 tips

Treatments for Diabetes:
If you have diabetes, lowering your blood sugar is not just a short-term goal: It absolutely helps prevent or delay the complications of diabetes, including kidney, eye, and nerve diseases such as diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Most of these conditions require 10 or more years to develop, but "it is still worth aggressively managing blood sugar levels to stop the onset of complications.

Here are 7 tips on how to lower your blood sugar naturally.

1. Never Eat Huge Foods
To help your body regulate blood sugar levels:
– Avoid fasting
– Do not skip meals
– Know Your Carbohydrate Content
How many carbohydrates per meal are ideal? A typical starting point is 45 grams per meal for women and 60 grams for men, according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA). But some experts now recommend a greater reduction in dietary carbohydrates.

2. Eat sturdier starch
Resistant starch – found in some potatoes and beans – avoids the small intestine, is metabolized by good bacteria and then behaves like dietary fiber in the large intestine.
You will find starch resistant in a potato that has been cooked and then cooled, but not in a hot potato. So a half cup of potato salad will bring better readings of blood sugar than the same amount of hot mashed potatoes.

3. Beans are a girl's best friend
Can something as simple and inexpensive as beans really help with diabetes control?
Absolutely! This is because the beans are slowly digested, resulting in a small increase in blood glucose levels.
People with type 2 diabetes who ate at least one cup of legumes (beans, chickpeas and lentils) daily for three months had lower blood glucose levels (blood sugar level), according to the A1C test, according to a 2012 Canadian study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

4. Pour a few pounds
Carrying around pounds of more causes insulin resistance, keeping the hormone that lowers blood sugar level.
Your weight loss goals do not have to be huge either. Some of the patients have seen improvements in blood glucose readings with only a 5-pound loss.

5. Get Higher Quality Eye Closure
Poor or limited sleep affects body chemistry, and getting more sleep helps with controlling blood sugar.
Healthy volunteers who did not get enough sleep for several nights in a row had higher levels of fatty acids in their blood, which reduced insulin's ability to regulate blood sugar.

6. Make friends with some cacti
The nopal cactus in the form of a shovel (also known as "spiny pear") could reduce blood sugar.
The fruit and stem of the nopal plant can slow down carbohydrate absorption and decrease blood glucose readings after meals, according to some preliminary studies. But no great studies have shown if cactus is effective in preventing or treating diabetes.

7. Remove Stress
When you are stressed, your body creates a lot of stored energy – glucose and fat – so the cells can use it when called for action.
In people with diabetes, this extra energy does not reach the cells, so the glucose stays in the blood and results in high readings.

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Top 7 tips, How To Lower Blood Sugar Naturally?

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