Top 5 Herbal Tea for Diabetics

Top 5 Herbal Tea for Diabetics

Diabetes is a condition characterized by high blood sugar levels, which can cause cognitive difficulties, vertigo, fainting and fatigue. Chronic high blood sugar can even lead to coma or death if not directed properly with medications or diet. Diabetes also increases the risk of high blood cholesterol, a factor of heart disease. Herbs can not cure diabetes; however, herbal teas can help reduce the symptoms and risks associated with this condition.

1. Ginseng Tea
Ginseng is most commonly associated with Panax ginseng, a herb grown in China. However, American ginseng, grown mainly in Wisconsin, has a similar chemical structure. Both types of ginseng are widely marketed in the United States as energy enhancers. Teas made with this herb can help fight diabetes-related fatigue. Ginseng tea can also increase the sensitivity of blood sugar to insulin, a substance that transports sugars to the cells for energy.

2. Dandelion tea
About thousands of years ago, the Chinese used to prepare tea with dandelion herb and cure cold. It is your best choice to combat the diabetic condition. It helps to lower the level of glucose in your body leading to moderate levels. The sugar that flows in your blood is moderated thereby reducing the symptoms of diabetes.

3. Green Tea
Green tea is widely known in the United States as a rich source of polyphenols, which are antioxidant chemicals that can reduce the risk of cancer. However, green tea may also offer benefits for diabetics. It can help slow the conversion of carbohydrates from starchy foods, such as potatoes and corn, into glucose. It can also help prevent sticky deposits that can harden your arteries and contribute to heart disease.

4. Licorice Tea
Licorice is most commonly associated with caramel, which is typically flavored with anise rather than licorice root. However, true licorice has been used for more than 5,000 years as a treatment for respiratory problems and sore throat. Licorice root tea may also help prevent diabetes-related cataracts.

5. Black tea
If you are not fond of these herbs, you can prepare regular tea containing flavonoids and not add milk. Make sure it contains the necessary herbs that control blood sugar levels and enrich the blood. This tea when consumed may not give it the perfect flavor, but it will definitely help you fight the diabetic condition.

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Top 5 Herbal Tea for Diabetics

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