The real cause of DIABETES and Insulin problems

The real cause of DIABETES and Insulin problems

I choose the doctors of YouTube with an incredible video … Who is the master of the diet? Youtube?
Low-fat diets seem to reverse diabetes. But do low-carb diets do not do the same? How can it be?
But low carb is reported to be less satisfying. With a carbohydrate diet, you can eat as much as you want. making your body revert to normal size (thin) and you get more vitamins and minerals than
gives content and happiness

What role does Insulin really play?

Does fat cause insulin / blood problems, or does Dr. Berg have the winning theory?
Video by Berg

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How like

Inventer of the Glycemic index recommends veganism.

Obesity, diabetes, etc., is mainly caused by putting carbohydrates (refined is worse) WITH fat in a diet, which nature does not do with any food. Refined carbohydrates are worse. The reason why carbohydrates and fat are maligned and defended is that they are only bad TOGETHER !!!!

People with candida and diabetes who started a diet high in fat and low in fat, CURED.
The key is low in fat (according to Neal Barnard, M.D., and Dr. Graham)

The reason: Too much fat prevents insulin receptors from taking glucose from the blood, which leads to high levels of prolonged blood glucose, which prolongs the production of insulin.
Because glucose can not get out of the bloodstream, the pancreas continues to create redundant insulin.

Nature should not be defamed just because humans invented refineries.

All diabetics eat a high-fat diet and always did.

"The consumption of foods that contain fats and proteins, but not carbohydrates, can cause insulin levels to increase."

Appointment of a diabetes forum:

"In the first days I went up to around 185 after some oranges, today I only went up to 130. By the fourth day of the low-fat diet, my fasting sugar level had dropped in the mid-1980s and I was there (evidence of that was fat.) Something unexpected certainly seems to be happening here. "

My topics: I like to point out the high fat fallacies and show why carbohydrates are not healthy by themselves.

Discourage doctors, and diet scams

After 22 years vegan, I discovered the simple truth about health. It's been 22 years. It is time for the truth to reach the masses. My goal in life is to offer useful information to help people reach their potential.

The first time I heard about the high fruit lifestyle in 1994, I read "Fit-for-Life."

Video credits to Vegan CarboRaider YouTube channel

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The real cause of DIABETES and Insulin problems

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