Study shows correlation between thinner thighs & diabetes 허벅지 가늘수록 당뇨 위험 높다

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If you are worried about gaining weight on your thighs these days, here is something that could make you feel a little better.
New medical studies indicate that having thicker legs can reduce your risk of diabetes.
Ji Myung-gil informs. Mr. Min Byung-cheol suffers from diabetes for more than 10 years.
He says that driving for more than 10 hours a day at work has severely weakened the muscles of his legs.

"I do not have any power left on my knees, I often feel at home these days because of the lack of strength, sometimes I even collapse because the pain is too great."

Other physical examinations found that both legs of Min were very thin, with a circumference of less than 50 centimeters.
With these results in mind, researchers at the Graduate School of Public Health at Yonsei University have been investigating the relationship between diabetes and thigh size.
In a study of about 320,000 adults aged 30 or older, a reduction in the circumstance of the thighs of men by 1 centimeter led to an increased risk of developing diabetes.
For women, that single loss in size resulted in an almost 10 percent increase in the incidence of diabetes.

In general, men whose thighs measured 43 centimeters or less were four times more likely to develop diabetes compared to men whose legs were 60 centimeters or more.
That difference was even more evident for women with thinner legs.

"Ordinary people can simply examine their bodies at home with these results, and as a result, a person can roughly anticipate their chances of diabetes throughout their lives."

The correlation between these two metrics is how the muscles control the flow of blood sugar in the body.

"Thicker thighs can supplement the body with blood sugar more easily, and your cells can quickly receive nutrients as soon as they enter your system."

It is recommended that you participate in a regular exercise, such as walking or cycling to increase muscle mass in your legs.
Doctors also say that a healthy layer of fat in addition to muscle will provide favorable conditions to prevent diabetes.

Ji Myung-gil, Arirang News

Video credits to ARIRANG NEWS YouTube channel

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Study shows correlation between thinner thighs & diabetes 허벅지 가늘수록 당뇨 위험 높다

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