Plant-Based Diets for Diabetes

click here ►►► When compared face to face with the diet of the American Diabetes Association, how can you obtain plant-based diets in terms of not only blood sugar, body weight and body control? cholesterol, but also in the state of mind and the quality of life?

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The three videos of diabetes that I mentioned are
• Why is meat a risk factor for diabetes? (►►►
• How can plants protect themselves against diabetes? (►►►
• Herbal diets and diabetes (►►►

For those who seek a deep understanding of what diabetes really is and what causes it, watch this series of videos.
• What causes insulin resistance? (►►►
• The spill effect links obesity with diabetes (►►►
• Lipotoxicity: how saturated fat increases blood sugar (►►►
• Diabetes as a disease of fat toxicity (►►►
• What causes diabetes? (►►►

Fortunately, not only can diabetes be reversed but also some of its complications. See Can diabetic retinopathy be reversed? (►►► and for diabetic neuropathy, my annual live review From Table to Able: Fighting disabling diseases with food (►►►

Of course, preventing it is better:
• How to prevent prediabetes in children (►►►
• Pre-diabetes prevention by eating more (►►►
• Lifestyle medicine is the standard treatment for prediabetes (►►►
• How to prevent prediabetes from becoming diabetes (►►►

There are some foods that can increase the risk:
• Eggs and Diabetes (►►►
• Fish and diabetes (►►►
• Diabetes and dioxins (►►►

And others that can help:
• Amla versus Diabetes (►►►
• Flaxseed against diabetes (►►►
• Diabetics must take their pulses (►►►

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Video credits to Moghin Lingusta65 YouTube channel

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    Plant-Based Diets for Diabetes

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