Okra – Amazing Benefits For Health, Skin and Hair – Okra Water for Diabetes – Lady Finger – Bhindi

Okra - Amazing Benefits For Health

This vegetable is full of vitamins and minerals that have a lot of health benefits and disease prevention.
It is also known as lady finger, bhindi and gumbo. Okra is a nutritional power used throughout history for medicinal and culinary purposes. Once loved by the Egyptians and still used in many dishes today, this pod-producing, tropical vegetable can be traced back more than 3,500 years. Okra is known for its high content of vitamin C, vitamin K and folate. In addition, okra is known to take advantage of a superior fiber, which helps with digestion, stabilizes blood sugar and helps control the speed at which sugar is absorbed. But there is much more in okra.

Steps to prepare okra water:
1. Take two okra pods and cut their ends.
2. The sticky liquid will exude once you slit the pod. Do not wash it.
3. Take a full glass of water and drop these pods on it at night and cover with a dish.
4. In the morning, remove the pods and drink the water in the glass.
You have to prepare okra water daily and drink daily in the morning to control your raised blood sugar level. It is important to keep in mind that okra water helps cure diabetes much better than okras cooked. It is okay to add okra to your curries and soups, but take raw okra soaked in water for a faster recovery of raised blood sugar levels.

Okra Skin Care Tip:
Boil a handful of okra until smooth.
After allowing it to cool, grind it and apply it to your face.
After 5 minutes, your skin should feel soft and rejuvenated.


*** Disclaimer: This video is not intended to be considered as medical advice and is for informational purposes only. You should always consult with your health care professional before starting or stopping any health regimen. ***

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Okra – Amazing Benefits For Health, Skin and Hair – Okra Water for Diabetes – Lady Finger – Bhindi

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