Natural Cure for Diabetes | Therapy for wounds diabetic foot naturally

Natural Cure for Diabetes | Therapy for wounds diabetic foot naturally

Diabetic foot is a very common problem among diabetics.
It arises due to the high elevation of blood glucose levels.

When this happens, the blood vessels and arteries of our body do not function properly, which makes it impossible for them to perform their vital functions.
If you are a victim of this problem, do not hesitate to consult your doctor immediately.

Folk medicine has a great treatment for diabetic foot.
It will be this wonderful natural recipe that you will learn in this post.

In diabetics, it is very common because, due to the sensitivity of their skin,
many types of wounds are difficult to heal.
People with diabetes have diabetic neuropathy,
an evil that does not allow the correct functioning of the arteries and blood vessels.
For this reason it is very common for a simple diabetic wound to become a wound that is difficult to heal.

Often, these wounds, unfortunately, lead to amputations.

In addition to diabetes, there are other factors that can make it difficult to heal a wound in people with diabetes.
These factors may be, for example, hypertension or hypercholesterolemia (excess cholesterol in the blood).
In patients with diabetes, it is very important to control any type of wound,
since in the future they may have serious complications.
Diabetics should follow these tips if they notice any unusual injuries or foot injuries:

– Do not rest your foot on the floor or press on it.
– Try not to walk, and if possible, move in a wheelchair while the wound heals.
– Disinfect the wound, thus removing the skin from dead cells and tissues that can cause infection.

Popular medicine, which goes from word of mouth from generation to generation, has an excellent recipe for the treatment of diabetic foot.

All you need is a few black bean grains.

Here's how to prepare this remedy:

– Toast black bean beans, wait cool and take to crush in the blender, until it becomes a powder.
– Clean the wound very well and apply the powder on it.
– Then cover with a gauze.

Repeat this procedure every time you clean your wound.
Usually, within a few weeks, the wound will heal.

According to home medicine,
Black bean powder is an extremely powerful natural substance for the treatment of all kinds of difficult wounds.
Enjoy and benefit from this effective, economical and easy to do remedy.

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Natural Cure for Diabetes | Therapy for wounds diabetic foot naturally

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