Ketogenic Diet | Alzheimers | Pruvit, 1st Exogenous Ketone Drink

Ketogenic Diet |  Alzheimers | Pruvit

Exogenous ketone supplementation against ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet is not new, and has been in practice for many years. It involves following a diet low in carbohydrates (5-10%), moderate protein (15% -30%) and high in fat (60% -75%). The problem with the ketogenic diet is that many people find it quite restrictive and difficult to follow. This creates a problem for those who want to benefit from high levels of ketones, especially children. In the past, dietary changes were the only way to bring your body to a state of nutritional ketosis.

However, today, we have access to the first exogenous ketone supplement, KETO // OS. The supplement mixes BHB ketones with medium chain fatty acids, providing the body with ketones, without having to follow a strict ketogenic diet. Studies are finding that ketone supplementation is superior to the ketogenic diet. Even while following a standard American diet (S.A.D.), people continue to experience the benefits of ketones through supplementation. However, it is thought that after a low carbohydrate diet, not necessarily a strict ketogenic diet, it will enhance the benefits of ketone supplements, as your body becomes even more adept at using ketones as a source of fuel.


Keto // OS is a ketone supplement that gives people everyday the benefits of ketosis without the often painful discipline that is required to be in nutritional ketosis. It is also a tool for people who want to follow a Keto lifestyle while avoiding the symptoms of Keto flu and speeding up the use of ketones as energy, thus helping to be more efficient and effective Keto-adaptation.

What's in Keto OS?
KETO // OS is a proprietary exogenous ketone delivery drink, "first of its kind" available now. There is rarely a nutrition-based product that has the ability to make a measurable and substantial impact on health and well-being. KETO // OS (Ketone Operating System) from Prüvit is a revolutionary blend of beverages that is based on proprietary ketone energy technology that provides advanced macro nutrients and promotes optimized cell regeneration, energy and longevity. Ketones are a high energy oxidation product of fats that provide a more efficient and higher energy yield than glucose, which makes them the ideal fuel for fueling the human body. Traditionally, ketones occur during times of prolonged fasting and, therefore, have been limited in their availability as an alternative energy source.

What does Keto OS do?

KETO // OS contains a specifically designed proportion of proprietary ketone minerals that provide a high energy fuel compound without having to incorporate an energy restriction diet. KETO // OS contains a perfect ketone ratio for optimum protein synthesis and a high fiber MCT based formulation for sustained nutritional energy and digestive health and cognition. KETO // OS helps improve the LDL cholesterol pattern and increases HDL (good cholesterol) levels. KETO // OS will make you feel more energetic, more focused, healthier and healthier than ever. It provides an exceptional nutritional base to help people lose weight, feel good and do the best they can.


The ketogenic diet first became popular as a treatment for seizures in children suffering from epilepsy, and the neuro-protective benefits of ketones came to light. As research on the ketosis process expands, the list of benefits continues to grow.

Weight loss and blood sugar balance

This is one of the most popular and desired benefits of ketones. Ketones have been found to improve insulin sensitivity, decrease and normalize blood sugar levels, contribute to increased satiety, and decrease food cravings. People with high levels of ketones have been able to get away from the idea of ​​mainstream diet that 6-meals a day should be the norm. Due to the increased level of satiety, only eat when you are hungry. No more calorie counting or food metering! All of this is with significant weight loss benefits.

Improvement in blood sugar levels may also explain why ketones have been shown to benefit Type II diabetics and women suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.
Energy levels and athletic performance have also shown a significant improvement with higher levels of ketones.
Ketones play a role in improved blood flow. They seem to improve the function of mitochondria (our house of energy), cause blood vessels to dilate, and lead to improved oxygen capacity, which can enhance athletic performance and improve motor performance.

This is the reason why ketones are often referred to as a "super fuel".
Ketones are also a powerful antioxidant, have an anti-catabolic effect and help preserve and promote muscle mass.
Ketones have also been associated with an increase in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which play a role in muscle growth.

Video credits to Dr. Carolyn Ann Smith YouTube channel

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Ketogenic Diet | Alzheimers | Pruvit, 1st Exogenous Ketone Drink

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