I HAD A BABY! Talking about Miscarriage, Pregnancy and MORE!

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This video is all about my pregnancy trip! I still do not sleep, but I am very happy to be able to share this with you. I also hope that this can be comforting for anyone who has difficult pregnancies. Not all people experience the perfect pregnancy in "social networks" and that's fine. Originally I wanted to make all the typical updates, such as pregnancy vlogs, gender revelation, baby shower, visit to the nursery, etc. but I ended up too anxious and worried during the entire 9 months. However, everything was worth it for Isabelle! # pregnancies # birth #vlog

Past miscarriages 3:24
This pregnancy – 7:43
Lupus – 8:40
Meet Isabelle – 8:57
Block of the heart – 10:00
Gestational diabetes – 12:41

These are some of the health problems I found (I did not have time to mention them all in the video!). Maybe some of this information could even help someone get the treatment they need, or at least assure them that they are not doing it alone.

– Miscarriages
These are supposedly common but no less traumatic when they happen to you. One of the consolations that I found was hearing stories from other YouTube users who have gone through the same thing (IamKareno, Chriselle, BubzBeauty, to name a few), so I decided to add my story here as well. If it makes someone feel less alone, then it's worth it. I never found a cause for mine. I had a negative result for the antiphospholipid syndrome, which is an easily treatable cause of recurrent spontaneous abortion.

– Uterus in the form of heart / Bicornio Uterus
This sounds pretty nice, but in reality it is a uterine defect that can hinder pregnancy. There are varying degrees of severity and mine is not that bad, so it really was not treated as a problem. As it turned out, this did not affect the pregnancy at all.

– Morning sickness
I had moderate morning nausea for approximately 3 weeks. I was never sick, but I felt dizzy and tired all the time and I could not work much. It improved a lot in week 9 and disappeared completely in week 20. Most people say that morning sickness disappears in week 12, but had very mild symptoms until age 20.

– Bleeding at random
I had random spots at weeks 12, 15, 17 and 18 of pregnancy. Needless to say, it was really annoying, since that was exactly how the miscarriage began, but they never found a reason for it. Bleeding in pregnancy is surprisingly common and does not always mean that the worst will happen.

– Antibodies anti SSA / Ro
This is quite rare and only occurs in people with lupus or Sjörgens syndrome. However, if you have it, it is important to find a hospital equipped to control it. These antibodies can attack the AV node of the baby's heart causing a congenital heart block (slowing down the electrical signals). The risk is higher between weeks 18 and 24, and it also depends on the level of antibodies. If you have lower levels, you may only need a follow-up every 2 weeks. It had high levels, so it had to be checked weekly from 16 to 24. After birth, Isabelle also had a 3-day heart rate and respiratory monitor, an ECG and a final cardiac scan.

– CMV / Cytomegalovirus
This is a common virus that most people have already been exposed to and have immunity against. However, if you first become infected with the virus during pregnancy, it can cause serious birth defects. CMV is not routinely analyzed during healthy pregnancies, however, I did a more detailed blood test and got a false positive. I spent a stressful week waiting to see if I had an old infection or a new one during pregnancy. It was confirmed that he was old, although Isabelle was also tested for CMV after birth.

– Gestational diabetes
This was a strange blessing in disguise because the stress of the above problems made me feel comfortable eating a lot of heavy carbohydrate foods during pregnancy. I also drank a lot of orange juice during pregnancy, thinking it was healthy, but the juice is actually a sugar bomb. So in the third quarter I completely eliminated sugar and carbohydrates and started a strict paleo / keto diet. It was really difficult, since food is one of the few pleasures that you have left when you are pregnant, but I noticed an immediate improvement in health and I felt surprisingly well throughout the last quarter.

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I HAD A BABY! Talking about Miscarriage, Pregnancy and MORE!

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