HRV: Why You Should Track This Biomarker Daily

This simple test at home can reveal information about your nutrition, sleep and fitness progress.

The biomarker we are discussing today is the variability of heart rate (HRV), which is the time difference between consecutive heartbeats.

** Although heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV) are related, they are not the same and, please, do not confuse them.

The reduction of heart rate variability (HRV) is linked to poor health outcomes, which include: obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, inflammation and mental health disorders.

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➢ Marco Altini, HRV4 Training PhD:

➢Deborah Rozman, PhD of Heart Math:

➢Harpreet Rai of OURA Ring

➢ Keto and HRV with Alessandro Ferretti:

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————————————– Key Timestamps ———- ————————

0:25: What is heart rate variability (HRV)?

0:48: Marco Altini has the HRV4 training application that can be used for free with any smartphone

1:03: the OURA ring provides HRV data, but not in real time, only the maximum at night and the average variability of the heart rate during the night (HRV)

1:14: Elite HRV is a new portable device that HRV analysts can offer in real time

Here's why I no longer run 🙂

2:04 Competitive athletes use the resting heart rate to assess the training load

2: 36L more variability is better

3:07 show data of low HRV and cancer, mortality.

3:31 Debrah Ozmit from the HeartMath Institute

3:34: Marco Altini in training HRV4 (podcast)

03:37: Alessandro Ferriti linked the metagenic diet with greater variability of heart rate (HRV)

04:06 HRV high frequency (HF) VS HRV low frequency (LF): it is said that the high frequency measurement (HF) (power in the range of 0.15-0.4 Hz) reflects the parasympathetic nervous systems (PNS)

05:10 Elite HRV gives you high and low frequency scores

05:38: How to use the Elite HRV app: I like to use both the "open reading" and the first morning readiness score

07:07: use of HRV along with other tools to assess the training load, the burden of life and the overall recovery: take it with a grain of salt, the biometric tools are excellent to provide information about the body, but take the readings in context with the way in which Sensation, vital load and stressors.

07:21 A downward trend in HRV is often a sign of excessive sleep, lack of sleep or cold. Time to go back in the volume or intensity of the exercise

08:16 Myo Relax and Calm From MYOXCIENCE can help foster deeper sleep and increase parasympathetic tone after training

Video credits to High Intensity Health YouTube channel

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HRV: Why You Should Track This Biomarker Daily

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