How to lose Weight in Diabetes | Diet for Diabetes control | Weight loss Tips

This video is published by a health doctor that explains how to control weight in diabetes by following a diet plan and doing some easy exercises.

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Nutritionist Himanshu Dhawan in this episode reports on the control of body weight in diabetes. Give several tips on how to lose weight by making some changes in lifestyle and how to reduce the risk of diabetes.

Talk about the effects of diabetes on the body, since the intake of extra calories when eating at every whim is very harmful to health, as it can increase the risk of obesity and sugar in the body. Diabetes is a very common disease that occurs due to excessive calorie intake.

2 reasons for diabetes
– The pancreas does not release insulin properly.
– Due to inheritance or obesity.

Himanshu Dhawan will provide fast and guaranteed 100% weight loss results with FIBER DIET SHAKE. • The fiber diet shake is a densely nutrient-rich, fiber-rich meal replacement shake specifically designed to help you lose weight faster. It is a blend of Advance dietary fiber that has a very low calorific value.
FIBER DIET SHAKE is a nutrient-dense, nutrient-dense fiber shake, specifically designed to help you lose weight faster. For an average adult, a daily intake of 35 g to 50 g is needed. Shake with this FIBER DIET SHAKE and you will not lose your daily amount of fiber and you may also ingest other essential nutrients.
Fiber is a key factor to lose weight, relieve constipation and maintain a healthy life. You can get all your calories for energy in a healthy way instead of the vitamins and minerals it contains.

The correct medical prescription or nutritionist is very important before taking any supplement for diabetes. Regular exercises should be involved in the daily routine of patients with diabetes. The intake of fiber in the body is important to eliminate fat from the body.

Video credits to Diabetes Control YouTube channel

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    How to lose Weight in Diabetes | Diet for Diabetes control | Weight loss Tips

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