How to get harder erections Naturally | 10 Simple Strategies For Stronger Erections

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How to get a stronger erection naturally | 10 simple strategies for stronger erections

How to get a stronger erection naturally
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Do's and don'ts for that boner.

The most unstable part of a man's body is the penis. When we say unstable, it means moody or temperamental. He is easily excited for his own good. It does not work well with regulated substances. It makes its presence known when it is not necessary, but it does not fulfill its promise when it is needed. Since it is the main source of pleasure in a man's body, it can bother you a lot when it does not cooperate with your fantasies.

Take a look at the following tips to get strong and healthy erections when you want them.

1. exercise
Do a lot of cardio.

The Cleveland Clinic's expert urologist, Dr. Ryan Berglund, said that you can get a healthy erection if there is enough blood flow to the penis. And according to him, practicing aerobic exercise is the best way to maintain normal blood circulation. Exercising has many benefits. It keeps you in great shape and increases the levels of nitric oxide in the body, which is necessary to maintain a healthy erection.

2. stop smoking
The University of Kentucky conducted a study that found that smokers rated their sex life with a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10, while those who did not smoke gave it a score of 9.

This should be a sufficient reason for a person to finally stop smoking.

3. Increase coffee intake
Drinking coffee can increase your erections. The Health Sciences Center of the University of Texas, located in Houston, published a study that found that erectile dysfunction is not common among men who regularly drank at least 2-3 cups of coffee a day than people who drink drinks without caffeine when waking up in the morning.

4. Get a vasectomy
Once you have finished having children (or just do not want to have your own children), it may be wiser to put an end to sperm production.

Men often worry more about the risk that their chosen contraceptive methods are lacking. It is a fear shared by men who have already experienced the impregnation of a woman despite having used a contraceptive method before, according to Dr. Karen Donahey,

5. Adhere to a monogamous relationship
Erections are no longer so strong once a man becomes unfaithful. It is so prevalent that it has become a common practice for doctors to ask if patients receiving erectile dysfunction treatment have an affair.

6. lose weight
The sure ways to become celibate for life are becoming monks or being diagnosed with diabetes.

Impotence is quite common among half of men with diabetes. This condition is really one of the biggest enemies of the penis, as it accelerates the progression of arterial disease that slows the transmission of stimuli through the nerves of your body. It is easy to understand why penises are not happy when they are asleep.

7. Take it easy when you are pushing.
The corpora cavernosos can be easily broken by a vigorous push out of place. For your information, the corpora cavernosos are the elongated "erectile chambers" that extend throughout your penis.

If you have doubts, do it in front of the trunk of a tree and point the erect penis toward it. The trunk of the tree has approximately the same density as the pubic bone of its companion.

8. Avoid the taxi
Make a habit walk. Researchers discovered during a recent study that you cut your chances of getting erectile dysfunction by half if men who lead a sedentary lifestyle walk at least a couple of miles every day, according to Dr. Goldstein. (If you do not have time to walk that far, a 20-minute jog or a 30-minute weightlifting will be sufficient).

9. Yawning frequently
The body often interprets yawns and erections under the same light.

Chemical nitric oxide controls both processes. Once released into the brain, nitric oxide can make you yawn or get an erection. Simply everything depends on the path they take at the moment of liberation. It is also possible to experience both at the same time that they seem hilarious.

10. Get enough sleep
In the same way you need to sleep to function as a decent human being, your penis also needs to get enough sleep. A man can have approximately 3-5 erections at night in his sleep without them knowing it.

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How to get harder erections Naturally | 10 Simple Strategies For Stronger Erections

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