How To Cure Sleep-Apnea Naturally ?

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How to cure sleep apnea naturally?

Sleep apnea is a disorder with pauses in breathing while you are asleep. These pauses can last 10 to 30 seconds at a time. During one night, breathing can be stopped up to 400 times.
There are 3 types of sleep apnea: Obstructive, Central, Mixed.
With any of the sleep apnea, the brain will sense the pause in the breath and wake you up. You may not be fully awake and often do not remember it in the morning. However, upon awakening it breaks the sleep cycle. Sleeping badly can make you tired during the day. Over time, this will also lead to other serious medical conditions such as high blood pressure or depression.
The main causes depend on the type of sleep apnea.
1 / Obstructive: Muscles in the body to relax during sleep. This may allow the soft tissues in the back of the throat and mouth to sink into the throat. If the tissue blocks the airway, it will stop breathing normally until it has been removed.
2 / Central: breathing is controlled by signals from the brain. If the signals do not work properly, breathing may be slower or slower.
3 / Mixed: both soft tissue and nerve signals are causing problems.
Risk factor's .
Sleep apnea is more common in men and adults over 40 years.
Other factors that may increase the chances of sleep apnea:
– Obesity.
– Family history of apnea.
– Problems of structure of the nose or throat such as: nasal polyps, severely enlarged tonsils, deviated nasal septum.
– Hypothyroidism.
– Asthma
– Excess of alcohol intake.
– smoking
– Heart failure (central sleep apnea).
The symptoms
Your partner may notice loud snoring or stop breathing at night. You may notice that you wake up often during the night.
Regular sleep apnea can lead to: Fatigue and drowsiness during the day, unrefreshing sleep, headaches in the morning, lack of concentration or problems with memory, irritability or bad mood …

Untreated sleep apnea has been linked to other health problems, such as:
– High blood pressure.
– Cardiovascular disease.
– Depression
– Career .
– Kidney disease.
Sleep apnea also increases the risk of car accidents. It is very likely due to lack of sleep. If you are sleepy during the day, avoid driving or using dangerous equipment.

How to cure sleep apnea naturally?

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    How To Cure Sleep-Apnea Naturally ?

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