How Gut Biome Can Cure Diabetes | Digestion And Natural Energy

Do you learn how the intestinal biome can cure diabetes by 2019? You can learn more about digestion and natural energy here
Then, in this video, you will learn that the understanding of probiotics and intestinal health is important for insomnia, natural energy and blood sugar problems in 2019. How can your gut microbiome eliminate diabetes?

########## KEY POINTS ##########

After watching this video, you will understand better:

1. How the composition of our individual intestinal biomes can reduce (and possibly eliminate) the symptoms of diabetes.
2. The meaning of why intestinal health is key to regulating blood sugar.
3. Why probiotics break down sugars and starches.
4. The relationship between blood sugar crashes and probiotics.
5. How probiotics can improve our sleep patterns.

####### VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION ###########

The typical human brain weighs about 3 pounds, and a healthy human body will have more than 3.5 pounds of bacteria and probiotic organisms. This and the fact that our heart weighs only 0.7 pounds and the liver weighs about 4 pounds, makes our probiotic bacteria one of the largest organs in our body.

Probiotics are live, active bacteria that live naturally in the intestine. Although technically found throughout our body, probiotics are found mainly in the stomach, where they help maintain a healthy flora that balances the presence of harmful bacteria. Probiotics consist of "pro", supporting or favoring, and "biotic, related to life or specific life conditions, as well as" anti ", or opposing or neutralizing life.

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I hope you understand how our intestinal health can help us do many things on our way to better health. Let us know in the comments section below if you have had experience in improving your intestinal health and your general health.

So, guys, these are the best tips on how our gut microbiome can improve our natural energy by 2019, and I'm sure you will try 3 tips so you can better use your gut health for this year's wellness.

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After watching the video, we are sure of your questions like:

1. Can probiotics improve their sleep patterns?
2. What is the relationship between blood sugar crashes and intestinal health?
3. What are the physiological functions of probiotics?

They have been resolved. Believe me, these are problems that neither Dr. Mercola, Chris Kresser nor Holy Kombucha will tell you.

Feel free to share your thoughts or if you have any questions related to your gut microbiome in 2019.

Jared Toay is a master fermentor who has a passion for making fermented foods, probiotic beverages, probiotic-filled foods and healthy gut snacks.

"Because probiotics sound a lot better than infested bacteria"
Jared toay

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Video credits to Jared Toay YouTube channel

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How Gut Biome Can Cure Diabetes | Digestion And Natural Energy

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