Got Dust? Produced by GM Fungus associated with Morgellons?

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Hi, my name is Clint. I have been free of Morgellons symptoms for about 2 years. Unfortunately, this also gave me type 2 diabetes, but I have received the knowledge that I will use to cure this as well.

Many things have been revealed to me, but I may not be able to enter them here, but I will reveal them below. You may find it difficult to believe all this, so for now simply file it in the back of your mind, as I hope you can remember it later as you gain a deeper understanding of what is happening.

This fungus as a thing is affecting the minds of infected people around the world who are not aware of it and have done nothing to stop its progression.

Many of those infected with this & # 39; fungus & # 39; they make up the phenomenon of the objective individual that is seen today on a large scale.

Others have easily unleashed and experience fits of anger, but they do not know why.

Many have Lyme symptoms and a few have Morgellons.

I went through all this.

I regained my mental clarity in several months of initial treatment that started with Modified Citrus Pectin 4 grams per day 30 minutes before a meal containing fat. Fat is important.

When I finally got out of it, I realized that I had temporarily lost my mind, but to get where I am today free of symptoms, it took 3 years of research and other treatments.

This dust is still in my house to this day, but I still have no symptoms. I keep it to a minimum with 3 high power HEPA filters.

This dust is produced by a substance similar to a fungus that grows on my roof. It is not a natural mold, but a generic mold that is alive.

It has appeared on the walls sometimes as dust balls.

When you inhale this grows inside your body. Most do not notice anything unusual but they are still infected.

I want you to know that even if you are sick, you can improve even in the presence of this dust, although there is no known cure to prevent it from coming together and integrating with your body.

However, you must get rid of all the other molds in the home.

I know this is still in my body while the back of my throat shines in the UV light. You should check yours in a dark room with a UV flashlight. They are available on Amazon for less than $ 10. If your throat shines, you are infected. The doctors have seen this and are baffled. The area of ​​the amygdala is the wastewater system for the brain.

I still have not found anything that kills him at home, but I'm still investigating. 70% of ethanol will slow down its growth on household surfaces.

It does not respond to several things that are commonly used to kill mold.

It produces constantly a fine powder that appears as fluff and when it accumulates it has the consistency of a dirty cotton and a mass of fiber like fluff.

It covers the intake valves of my HEPA filters and my filters are always dirty, even after mold removal. I have to clean them constantly.

I think this is also what is putting these tiny black dots that end around the house as well. Possibly the spores.

This is where things get extremely strange, so be prepared. It may not be obvious to you now, but I hope someday you remember where you read this.

You have been told that one day you will be chipped physically, but that you have been cheated.

This biologically alive and technologically modified self-assembly mushroom IS the chip.

It will not be placed on your right hand or forehead, since you have inhaled it and there is no need to physically splinter it.

Grow inside you integrating with your whole body and mind.

It does not need a battery. It extracts the energy it needs from the environment that has been ionized through global geoengineering programs.

You will use 5G to control it and you, and you will not know what is happening to you.

The elite will use this to their advantage in their quest for transhumanism. Mormons are at the forefront.

They have been given a great understanding of this biotechnology at the highest levels of which we will have no knowledge.

Technology has advanced silently beyond what you can imagine possible.

Your DNA is being changed and a third strand was inserted with this technology. We are the last of the human race as you know it.

If you want to help my cause and donate:

I will reach all who do it by email.

I will continue to bring you information about this.

Video credits to ClintFromNYtoVA2 YouTube channel

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    Got Dust? Produced by GM Fungus associated with Morgellons?

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