Effects of Poor Sleep

Lack of sleep increases stress and interferes with productivity. Decreases immune function,
decreases the production of growth hormones (necessary for fat loss) and decreases leptin. That
it increases ghrelin (hormones that control our appetite) and the risk of diabetes. Sleep
It contains zero calories, but it has more impact on our metabolism and health than
What we put in our mouths Our bodies are destined to go through the natural sleep / wake
cycles, go to sleep a few hours after sunset and wake up when the
dawn. During times of the year when there is more natural light, we may not need
both sleep and when there are more hours of darkness.

Seven to nine hours of sleep is ideal between 9 pm and 5 am or 10 pm and 6 pm
A.M. Two hours of sleep before midnight are worth 4 hours of sleep for the adrenal glands
(the glands responsible for producing cortisol, which is your stress hormone). If you have trouble falling asleep, it is important to create a bedtime routine before going to bed. Taking a bath or shower detox, dimming the lights and avoiding the computer and TV for 1 or 2 hours before going to bed can increase your ability to fall asleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, you may want to evaluate your last meal before bed or consider a protein / fat snack to stabilize your blood sugar throughout the night. A drop in blood sugar can cause cortisol to rise, waking you up between 2 and 3 a.m. Read more about sleep in T.S. Wiley's book "Lights Out".

I can not emphasize this advice enough guys. The dream may seem like you are being lazy or it may give you anxiety that you are not doing enough. Bury these feelings because you need your dream to rebuild and transform.

Video credits to Train Relentless TV YouTube channel

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    Effects of Poor Sleep

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