Dr. Stanley Bernstein M.D. – The Importance of Medical Supervision – Bernstein Diet & Health Clinics

Dr. Stanley Bernstein M.D. - The Importance of Medical Supervision - Bernstein Diet & Health Clinics

Dr. Stanley Bernstein describes the largest medically supervised weight loss diet in the world. For over 40 years, Dr. Bernstein has developed and perfected the Bernstein Weight Loss Program to help people solve their weight problems. Your specially trained team of doctors and nurses can help you lose weight quickly, safely and naturally while regaining your energy, vitality and confidence. Patients with preexisting medical conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, arthritis and more are welcome to join the Bernstein diet program and benefit from a personalized weight loss program that fits all their medical and personal needs.

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When you lose weight and go on a diet with fewer calories, you are influencing many tissues in your body. If you diet properly, the amount of acid your stomach produces is reduced, and so your heartburn, and indigestion, and irritable bowel syndromes, you tend to rinse very quickly. Some things get better in a week after being on our show.

If you have high blood pressure and you lose weight, your blood pressure will drop normally. You are in a medical center where we will monitor this, and if you are taking medications, we will evaluate you and reduce your medication as you go through weight loss.
If you have sleep apnea and are on a CPAP machine, as you lose weight, your lungs work more efficiently, your oxygenation levels are better, and we take all of our patients off of weight loss CPAP machines.

Cholesterol problems, if you have high cholesterol, this diet is ideal. Your cholesterol level drops, better, faster than taking medications. And if you are on medication, about 90, 95 percent of our patients do not need medication after weight loss.

Diabetes, obviously, that's a major problem with people who are overweight. If you are a type II diabetic, our experience has been that, first, your diabetic control will be much better; your blood sugar will stabilize much better in this diet with our management. We will need to adjust your insulin and / or pills very aggressively, very quickly. And we adjust them down, because with better control, and being on a diet with fewer calories, your insulin requirements and medications fall dramatically. All told, more than 95 percent of our patients who are diabetic type II, who lose a significant amount of weight, no longer need medications to control their blood sugars. And if you did a test with them, you can not find diabetes anymore.

And other comorbid diseases, cardiac patients, if they have heart disease, have coronary occlusion, with this type of diet, their blood vessels begin to function better, coronary plaques that block part of the arteries, begin to be reabsorbed, and get better circulation in their tissues, better circulation in the heart muscles, a significant improvement. In fact, we have doctors who refer us to heart patients, who have high blood pressure, who have diabetes and who need to lose weight to be healthier.

We have treated many patients with arthritic problems, bad backs, people who need to have a hip replaced or a knee replacement. Whenever we take a significant amount of weight off, we are able to cancel knee replacement surgery, cancel hip surgery; this is almost all the time with serious weight loss. We have just finished a study with Queen's University which was published in medical journals. We were sent 33 patients who were waiting for the knee to be replaced. They were overweight, had to wait for a surgical time, lost between 70 and 150 pounds. We cancel all knee surgeries. By the time we got the weight off, patients got away with using a Tylenol or aspirin from time to time instead of the surgical intervention. That is the benefit of a healthy weight loss.

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Dr. Stanley Bernstein M.D. – The Importance of Medical Supervision – Bernstein Diet & Health Clinics

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