Dr. Alan Goldhamer: Safe 40-Day Water Fasts And The Traits Vital People Share

Dr. Alan Goldhamer: Safe 40-Day Water Fasts And The Traits Vital People Share

This is an youtube audio upload of an interview with Dr. Alan Goldhamer of the True North Health Center in California.

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Long-term fasting physicians and natural hygiene practitioners have been on the margins of modern medicine for a long time, but Dr. Alan Goldhamer and the True North Health Center are starting to change that.

Goldhamer and his team are publishing the results of their fasts and dietary interventions in peer-reviewed medical journals, joining researchers and eminent institutions to explore the physiological effects of long-term fasting in water and what can cope with conditions such as cancer , blood pressure and other deadly killers, and bring what was long considered charlatanism – natural hygiene – within the limits of medical respectability.

In today's interview, I ask Dr. Goldhamer how he struggled with attempts to shut down his institution because fasting was considered unsafe, why he is so devoted to ideas of natural hygiene, sugar, salt and vegetarian diet without oil and "crazy "" ideas like fasting only water for weeks at a time.

Show notes:

What all the most healthy and vital people have in common: 4:50

Why Goldhamer established True North, and how he began his journey to help people heal: 6:13

Why Goldhamer believes the greatest threat to his ability to practice are "well-meaning but ignorant doctors and government officials", and how a board in California nearly closed it: 8:38

Why Goldhamer publishes in medical journals to gain medical respectability by fasting: 11:14

Dr. Valter Longo and short-term fasting versus long-term fasting: 13:55
Should people who are healthy and disease-free fast, and how often do Goldhamer's fasts: 19:15

Find biomarkers to make fasting more effective, more effective and safer: 19:51

If long-term fasts are safe without blood work: 21:42

More fasting centers that are only open throughout the country: 25:18

New case study on cancer (lymphoma) fasting: 26:32
Raw food diets and dietetic modification for autoimmune diseases like colitis: 30:42

The conditions that best respond to fasting: 34:29

Andrew explains the natural hygiene and how many natural hygienists he has found are dogmatic and disinterested in science: 36:24

Goldhamer talks about how Hertbert Shelton thought about medical science and how Shelton would act today in the face of scientific advances: 40:33

Changing your mind about vitamin B12 supplementation and vitamin D levels: 46:21

Why Goldhamer decided very long fasts (more than 40 days) were not safe: 48:54

Why Tap Water Is Not Ideal, And Your Thoughts On Distilled Water vs. Filtered Water: 49:29

How meditation can help with weight maintenance / overeating, how exercise, meditation and fasting relate, and Goldhamer's personal meditation practice: 53:57

What Goldhamer does in his spare time, and why True North is so unique and wants to spend so much time there: 57:32

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Video credits to Andrew Perlot YouTube channel

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Dr. Alan Goldhamer: Safe 40-Day Water Fasts And The Traits Vital People Share

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