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Diabetes is one of the biggest diseases that generate money on the planet. More than 17 million people in the United States are currently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. 2,200 more are diagnosed each day. Twenty years ago, type 2 diabetes was a disease that was often called "the onset of maturity" because it was commonly observed in patients over 50 years. Currently, our children are being diagnosed.

There are two main causes for type 2 diabetes. There is an inadequate supply of insulin secreted by the beta cells in the pancreas or the cells of the body can not use the insulin that is produced (insulin resistance).

With type 2 diabetes come complications. Blindness, amputations, kidney failure and heart disease are just some. The pharmaceutical companies make millions daily of the diabetic population. Doctors make money by prescribing medications to diabetic patients, many of which have side effects that are worse than the disease itself. Thousands of people die every year from complications of diabetes.

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Millions of dollars are collected each year to cure diabetes. Not for type 2. Type 2 diabetes accounts for almost 95% of all cases. Although type 1 is considered more serious, only about 5% of the diabetic population has type 1 diabetes. However, there is no cure available for either of them. The public is told that there is a cure nearby, that tests on rats suggest that a cure might be available in the next decade or so … but what happens now?

What would really happen if a man-made cure was made available to the public? The dialysis clinics and wings of entire hospitals would be closed. Pharmaceutical companies would lose billions. Doctors who "specialize" in the treatment of diabetes would be without a career. Not to mention the money lost in the treatment of the complications of blindness, heart disease and amputations. There is simply too much at stake to offer a cure for something that generates so much income through so many avenues.

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    Diet to reduce diabetes Type 2 diabetes Solutions

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