Diabetes – Top 5 Beverages for Diabetics – Diabetes Food

Diabetes - Top 5 Beverages for Diabetics - Diabetes Food

Diabetes – Top 5 Beverages for Diabetics – Diabetes Food
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1. Water
Water should always be your first choice of drink when you have type 2 diabetes. Drinking about 16 ounces of water before your meals is one of the best ways to reduce calories. You should drink at least 8 ounces, eight times a day. And do not forget to replace the water lost during exercise. If you want to make the water tastier, try squeezing in a little lemon or lime juice.

2. Milk
You will need to count calories and carbohydrates in milk, but this drink really delivers on nutrients. Although not calorie-free, milk is considered important for a diabetic diet as it provides calcium and vitamin D. After a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, it is advisable to gradually switch from whole milk to skim milk. Do not be afraid of milk, but limit the size of your portion. An 8-ounce cup of skim milk adds 80 calories and 12 grams of carbohydrates.

3. Juice
Be thirsty for a little juice? You will need to carefully consider your options, but you can enjoy it in moderation. A limited amount of juice is acceptable, but remember that you get more nutrition and fiber from eating whole vegetables and fruits. Make sure that any fruit juice is 100 percent juice without added sugar. The 4 to 6 ounce count of most fruit juices is about 15 grams of carbohydrates and 50 calories. However, most vegetable juices contain more soda, registering about 10 grams of carbohydrates and 50 calories for a full cup, about twice the volume compared to fruit juice and fewer carbohydrates.

4. Soda
If you know it as pop, tonic, or soda, this sugary drink is one of the worst drinks for people with type 2 diabetes. A full-size soft drink contains 150 calories and is equivalent to ten tablespoons of sugar. You would have to walk for a mile and a half to work off the calories. If you are craving for soda, a diet soda that contains zero grams of carbohydrates may be a better option.

5. Tea
Sugar free tea is another free meal. And like coffee, tea is loaded with antioxidants, substances that consume free radical molecules that can contribute to heart disease. Both coffee and green tea may offer some protection against type 2 diabetes, too. A study in Japan, involving more than 17,000 men and women aged 40-65, found that people who drank six cups or more of green tea or three cups of coffee every day were about one-third less susceptible to type 2 diabetes.
Discover the Truth About Diabetes:

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Please see: "Diabetes | 7 Steps To Help Your Body Recover From Diabetes"

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Diabetes – Top 5 Beverages for Diabetics – Diabetes Food

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