Diabetes Role in Erectile Dysfunction: Cause and Cure ( American Diabetes Association Event)

Diabetes Role in Erectile Dysfunction: Cause and Cure ( American Diabetes Association Event)

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Donna Lalwani, director of special events for the American Diabetes Association.

"I would like to mention Mr. Eliot LeBow, who is an expert on the subject and has been an Advisor on Health and Emotional Wellbeing of the American Diabetes Association.

Because he also got involved with Step Out Movement to stop diabetes and, in fact, has played a leading role in running many workshops, and has also made many online contacts in the social media community.

Spread the message about diabetes awareness and ensure that people get accurate information and remedies.

He is one of the few individuals in the USA. UU It imparts a significant amount of training in health education to other people living with diabetes. He will share a little more about the relationship with the health and well-being of men, as well as with positive sexual health. Offering some ideas and strategies on how to do that, both to live with diabetes and to pass as a caregiver for someone we care about. Then I would like to introduce Mr.

Eliot LeBow please come up …

Erectile dysfunction
"How out of control blood sugar affects our mental and physical reality."
By Eliot LeBow LCSW

When the level of sugar in the blood is high or, on the contrary, it is too low, a diabetic will have both mental and physical distortions. When blood sugar levels return to normal and reality kicks us right between the eyes, then what? Each situation is different. There are ways to prevent these distortions from occurring or to manage them, so there is less or no personal harm.

A few years ago, John was dating this beautiful woman. John would think about her all day. When John was with her, John was full of excitement and delight. But something happened at the end of his sixth date.

John always considered himself a manly man who could maintain an erection for hours and hours, so erectile dysfunction was the furthest thing from his mind. Well, you probably know what happened next, but let me move on and not delve into the subject.

This was an embarrassing and terrifying moment for John when he did not have an erection. Fortunately, she was really great about it. The next day they went out to dinner and shared a large chocolate lava cake. John adjusted his insulin and thought things were going well, but in the back of his mind, he kept thinking and anxious.

They returned to their place and created the atmosphere; perfumed candles, soft jazz in the background and dim light. Everything was perfect except John. I was excited and anxious, but it was not up to the circumstances.

"What is wrong with me?" John thought to himself, and then a small voice in the back of his head answered him. John went to check his blood glucose (BG) levels.

WOW!!! 390 – John could not believe it! John calculated everything perfectly, but somewhere John lost it. This is what John missed:

• John missed the fact that they had finished dinner an hour ago. It's hard for insulin to burn complex sugars like Chocolate Lava Cake, so your blood sugar level was higher than normal for after dinner.
• Later, John probably underestimated some carbohydrates in the food itself.
• Finally, John was so stressed from the night before that his body was releasing excess cortisol.

Cortisol is a hormone released by stress. The anxiety activates the secretion of cortisol (glucose), which releases it to the body. This can and causes BG imbalances such as hyperglycemia.

So John was several days worried that he had to take Viagra to rise to the occasion. Actually, John just needed to test his blood sugar level and wait.

The next time they saw each other, they watched a movie while they waited and enjoyed their time together. A few hours later, after making sure that her blood sugar level had stabilized at 120, they tried again and this time there was no erectile dysfunction for this manly man. They did it well.

In reality, the symptoms of diabetes can simulate other psychological and physical illnesses. Be careful and double check that what your patient is experiencing is not related to diabetes.

Eliot LeBow LCSW, CDE
Psychotherapist Specialized in Diabetes,

I am here to help people from pre-teens and teens to adults of all ages and to parents and families to face the daily emotional and psychological challenges they face while living with diabetes / chronic diseases.

I help my patients understand the impact that diabetes has on their lives, which can help them be happier and healthier.

When you are ready to receive help, you can call me at 917-272-4829 or send me an email at [email protected] For articles and blogs, visit my website

© 2011 Eliot LeBow LCSW, All rights reserved.

Video credits to Diabetes Focused Psychotherapist YouTube channel

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Diabetes Role in Erectile Dysfunction: Cause and Cure ( American Diabetes Association Event)

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