Day 6 – 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge – Diabetes Dominator

Day 6 - 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge - Diabetes Dominator

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Day 6: sleep

Day 6 of the 7 days of healthy habits focuses on the importance of getting enough sleep constantly for our diabetes health. The dream is when our bodies are repaired, heal and adapt to the damage we do during the day. When we do not sleep enough, everything is out of control and we experience symptoms such as mental fog, mood swings, exhaustion and fluctuations in blood sugar levels due to hormonal imbalances.

Challenge action elements:

1. De-screen! Commit yourself completely to watching the screens. Of course, we have to look at our insulin pumps and our CGM, but cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc. They are out of bounds.

Today's challenge is very simple, but it could be difficult for many due to our overwhelming addiction to digital distractions. Give your eyes and brain the gift of relaxation by not navigating through social networking sites, watching videos, reading articles or anything else and focusing on getting a more solid and refreshing night's sleep.

2. Comment below and share how you felt when you removed the screen and / or if you slept well. Let's make others responsible and support each other as a community!

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Day 6 – 7 Day Healthy Habits Challenge – Diabetes Dominator

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