Best Fruits for Diabetic Patients | Control Diabetes With Ideal Fruits

Best Fruits for Diabetic Patients | Control Diabetes With Ideal Fruits

Best fruits for diabetic patients | Diabetes Control With Ideal Fruits

For diabetics, you might find it difficult to plan
These seasonal foods can fit well into your
Diabetes Diet Plan

According to American Diabetes
Association (ADA),
The best options
– Fresh fruit
– Frozen fruit
– Canned fruit (without added sugar)
– Ham without sugar or low
– Sugarless apple sauce

Worst Options
– Canned fruit + Dense sugar syrup
– Chewy Fruit Rolls
– Jam, regular jelly and preservative
(Small portion your good)
– Sweet apple compote
– Fruit Juices and Fruit Juices

Foods that go down in the glycemic index (GI) is
Measure how foods affect your blood
Levels of Sugar to Control Your Diabetes.

Berries for Antioxidants
– Blueberries
– Strawberries
– Blackberries
– Any type of berries

Berries are great for diabetes because of
– Antioxidants to Fight Cancer Risk
– Rich vitamins and folic acid break down
High blood pressure
– High fiber diet to control diabetes
3/4 cups fresh blueberries
– Low-GI
– 62 calories
– 16 grams (g) of carbohydrates

Cherry cake
It is low on the GI option and is best
Friendly Diet Diabetes
– Fight against inflammation,
– Antioxidants
– Heart disease of the fight,
– Cancer,
– Several Diseases.

A cup has
– Low GI score of 41
– 78 calories
– 19 g of carbohydrates

Peaches for Potassium
contain vitamins A & C, potassium and fiber
1 medium size peach contains
– GI Rating: 42
– 58 calories
– 14 carbohydrates and 2.2 g fiber

Fiber apricots
Apricots give 50% of the daily needed
Vitamin A and fiber
Four fresh apricots with 1 serving
– GI Rating: 32
– 17 calories
– 4 g of carbohydrates.
– Small amount of dried apricots too
Good if there is not fresh

Apples for vitamins
Eating an apple a day can keep the doctor
Away by Boosting Immune System
– Vitamin C
– Antioxidants (Eat Your Skin)

Apples are full of
– GI Rating: 39
– 77 calories
– 21 g of carbohydrates

Oranges, Citrus fruits, like grapefruit, for vitamin C
Its low-GI and contain rich in
– Vitamin C stimulates the immune system
– Flavanoid to kill cancer
– Potassium to normalize blood pressure
– Vitamin A for Healthy Eye
– Soluble Fiber Decreases Cholesterol &
Prevent peak blood sugar
Advance in detail of points
– GI Score at 40
– 15 g of carbohydrates
– 62 calories.

Pears for vitamin K and fiber
Best source for
– Fiber, Vitamin C and A to protect from
Risk of Cancer
– Low Calorie to Lose Body Weight
– Vitamin K prevents heart disease

1 Medium-sized dog Position in
– Low glycemic index in GI at 38
– 100 calories
– 26 grams of carbohydrates

Low Carb Kiwi
The delicious kiwi is a good source of
– potassium,
– fiber,
– vitamin C.
A normal kiwi has
– Glycemic index: oscillates between 47 and 58
– 56 calories
– 13 g of carbohydrates,
– Diabetes Friendly Diet
– Eat one a day

Video credits to 7ReMix Healthy Tips TV YouTube channel

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Best Fruits for Diabetic Patients | Control Diabetes With Ideal Fruits

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