Benefits of Dhania Seeds for Thyroid, Kidney, Urinary, Swelling, Diabetes, Digestion, Arthritis ….

Benefits for health coriander seeds

1- Good source of fiber, phosphorus, calcium, vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin K, iron
and beta carotene.

2- Due to the high vitamin C, help in cold and
Duct of smoke, allergies and burning sensation in
the body.
3- Help in thyroid problems.

4- Help in problems related to nerves like –
Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's,
Parkinson's, brain tumors, and also
It decreases anxiety and improves sleep.

5- Protects the heart against diseases. According
Ayurveda, aid in digestion and
Absorbs fats, keeps cholesterol under control.
It stimulates the liver and helps to get it.
get rid of gas problems.

6- Help in diabetes, arthritis and swelling.
Of the body, mostly swelling in the legs.

7- Diseases related to the skin such as eczema,
itchy skin, rashes, inflammation, mouth
ulcers and sores, so get treatment and
The skin becomes soft and beautiful.

8- Balances harmones, menstrual problems,
Stress, hair loss and new hair installations.

9- Very good kidney problems. Help in
Eliminating heavy metals and no toxins.
only of kidneys and liver but of
The whole body and help in total.
Detoxification of the body.

Method for the consumption of coriander seeds.

1- Or you can take half a teaspoon of the
powder 2- 3 times after meals

2- In second place you can drink coriander seeds.
water soaking 1 tablespoon of seeds
In 1 glass of water at night and the next day.
morning drink either directly or by
Heating it, according to your choice and
reap the benefits.


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    Benefits of Dhania Seeds for Thyroid, Kidney, Urinary, Swelling, Diabetes, Digestion, Arthritis ….

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