5 Things That Happen To You When You Stretch Everyday

Not many people consider stretching as a form of exercise, probably because it is something we do a lot without apparent effort, unlike strength training or aerobics.
However, this relatively mild form of exercise can keep you healthy and fit, and it is good for both your body and your mind. Check out these incredible stretching benefits every day.

1. Stretching increases flexibility
Sports coaches have always insisted that athletes give a lot of importance to stretching, both before and after training sessions. This is because stretching increased the flexibility of the body and reduced injuries in the field. Cats know that it is not "nine lives" that helps them land, but their great flexibility. And how do you keep your body flexible but stretching it from time to time between your long naps? In fact, you will see all the animals stretching at one time or another during the day.
2. Regular stretching keeps your back safe
Back problems can be triggered when lifting heavy weights or sudden movements of torsion, especially in those who have not maintained the flexibility of their spine with sufficient stretching activities.
Lack of exercise can make the cartilage tissue rigid and inflexible. When that happens, sudden twisting and straining can cause tears in the cartilage. Sitting for long hours without stretching causes the spine to become stiff and cause back pain. Tight hamstrings can also cause low back pain.
Stretching exercises that include flexion and rotation movements help strengthen the core muscles that surround the spine and keep the discs flexible.

3. Stretching improves mental health
People who perform stretching exercises regularly report improvements in sleep quality, mood and self-esteem. Do not dismiss it as subjective information because there are many solid scientific reasons to support your claim. On the one hand, stretching causes the release of dopamine, the neurotransmitter to feel well associated with positive feelings and good sleep. Dopamine can improve attention, learning and memory as well.
4. Stretching exercises help lower blood sugar levels
Stretching definitely makes him more flexible, but the number one reason to stretch actually comes from a new and exciting study he discovered that lowers blood sugar levels. You may already know that intense exercise increases insulin production and the use of the hormone to push blood glucose into the tissues.
5. Stretching helps reduce high blood pressure and its harmful effects
Blood pressure is the force that is exerted on the arteries when blood is pumped through them. There can be several reasons, such as obesity, diabetes, mineral imbalances and stress hormones that can raise a person's blood pressure above the normal of 120/80.
The increased pressure on the arterial walls damages them and makes them more rigid. But stretching can counteract the arterial stiffness effect of hypertension and protect it from many life-threatening conditions associated with high blood pressure, including atherosclerosis, kidney failure and heart disease.

Stretching should ideally be done at an easy pace, accompanied by correct breathing techniques. A stretched position should be maintained for a minimum of 20-30 seconds to obtain optimal results. Yoga and Pilates can be good stretching routines, but be sure to involve all muscle groups, repeating 4-5 times a week.

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    5 Things That Happen To You When You Stretch Everyday

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