12 Scary Things Your Eyes Say About Your Health

Have you ever experienced unpleasant sensations in your eyes? Swelling? Itch? Redness? For most of us, a good rest and a deep sleep are enough to restore vision, but there are some important signs that you should never ignore. We at Bright Side decided to share these observations with you.

Did you know, for example, that a white circle around the iris can mean an increased risk of heart attack or stroke? Or that a dark spot on a background of blinking wavy lines often indicates poor brain circulation? Here are some symptoms that are a reason to consult a doctor immediately!

White spots on the cornea of ​​the eye 0:52
Blurred vision 1:26
Red eyes 1:56
Dry eyes 2:27
Colorless spots before the eyes 3:00
Puffy red eyes 3:27
A yellowish spot near the iris 3:50
Involuntary tears 4:37
A dark spot on a background of wavy wavy lines 5:12
Image disappearing in the visual field 5:45
A white circle around the iris of the eye 6:18
White yellow eye 6:45

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– White spots on the cornea of ​​the eye is a fairly common phenomenon among people who wear contact lenses. Even small eye injuries caused by the use of contact lenses can cause an infection and then a corneal ulcer.
– Myopia is not the only reason for blurred vision: it can be a sign of diabetes.
– If the eyes redden without a particular reason, it can mean diseases such as increased intraocular pressure (glaucoma), high intracranial pressure and diabetes.
– In a case of excessive dryness is accompanied by a greater sensitivity to light, this may indicate Sjogren's syndrome, a rare disorder of the immune system.
– The inflamed red eyes are a consequence of fatigue and lack of sleep, and are often mistaken for a sign of infection. Such a symptom can also appear in lovers of eye drops with a bleaching effect.
– Some people notice a yellowish area or a protuberance in the white eye, called a pinguecula. This is a sign of conjunctival aging, and is found mainly in older people.
– Sounds a little paradoxical, but spontaneous tears can be a sign of dry eye. Thus, the eye tries to compensate for the lack of moisture.
– If from time to time you notice an image that disappears from certain areas of your visual field, this is a sign of an ocular migraine. It may be accompanied by headaches due to cerebral circulatory disorders.
– If your white eyes are yellow, the cause lies in decreased functionality of the liver and bile ducts. Yellowness can become the main symptom of hepatitis.

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12 Scary Things Your Eyes Say About Your Health

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