#1 Diabetes Exercise – Finally Cured From Type 2 Diabetes

#1 Diabetes Exercise - Finally Cured From Type 2 Diabetes

What is the best exercise to cure type 2 diabetes?
Resistance training, also known as weight lifting or short-burst high-intensity training, is generally the best exercise for diabetics.

Examples: squats, push-ups, dumbbell push-ups, sit-ups.
Range: 8-12 repetitions
Do this 3 times a week at 1 hour per session.
Your insulin resistance problem will revert in 90 days if you do it consistently. I have seen diabetic patients who cured themselves of type II diabetes and improve their overall sensitivity to insulin permanently.

Dr Bryan Walsh

You need insulin so that these GLUT4 vesicles are localized to the cell membrane to carry the glucose. Something that is critically important to understand, however, in the skeletal muscles, this GLUT4 vesicle can also be transported to the membrane through an independent process of insulin. , which means that insulin is not required to do so. That is the contraction of skeletal muscle, also known as resistance training or weight lifting.

Simply contracting the muscles against the resistance will allow the GLUT4 vesicles to be located, bring glucose and NOT require insulin.

Dr. Michael Baker
Exercise physiologist

What we have found is that through resistance training, we are able to increase muscle mass and muscle is a really important place for glucose to go. So we increase their muscle mass, they become stronger and the blood glucose control improved. People with diabetes should at least perform resistance exercises such as lifting weights 3 times a week as a strategy to stimulate the movement of glucose within the cells.

Nutrient, you may want to try a low carb approach:

Simply limit your net carbohydrate intake to 70 grams per day.

Video credits to Doctor Diabetes YouTube channel

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#1 Diabetes Exercise – Finally Cured From Type 2 Diabetes

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