Why Would I Use Prolon after Water Fasting?

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: I'm doing Prolon again after an interval of 2 years. During the past 6 months, I have been doing a 2 day water fast weekly. Why would you try Foot and Mouth Disease (fasting diet) after obtaining a regular pattern of weekly water fasts? First of all, I noticed that the 40-48 hours of water fasts now go by very quickly. It seems that I am adapting to that. I wonder if that also has a biochemical adaptation. I'm thinking it might be better to mix it.
But there is something more important: more than 3/4 of my patients have a problem with weight. This is a great way to control your weight. Sure, other things work, like water fasts. But I have seen very few people doing water fasts. Fasting with low carbohydrate content and intermittent fasting / restricted time also work very well for a long-term lifestyle change. But again, there are many methods to control your weight (and inflammation of the CV) and insulin resistance. And these things are killing and disabling many of us, any valid option must be seriously considered.

If you want to try it, simply google PROLON. The site of Prolon sells it. And so do many sites related to health. I do it too. Of course, I have it too. Here is the link:

But here is the thing. It does not matter much where you get it. What matters is that you manage your health. And if you're like 90% of us, that means managing your weight. Get control of it.

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Dr. Brewer started out as an emergency doctor. After seeing too many preventable heart attacks, he went to Johns Hopkins to learn Preventive Medicine. While there, the postgraduate program of training (residency) in preventive medicine was launched. From there, he made a career in the practice and management of preventive medicine and primary care clinics. His last role in this area was the Medical Director of Premise, which has about 1,000 primary care / prevention clinics. He was also the Medical Director of MDLIVE, the second largest telemedicine company. More recently, he founded PrevMed, a clinic for the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

At PrevMed, we focus on heart attack, stroke and cognitive decline. We serve patients who have already experienced an event, as well as those who have not developed a diagnosis or event. Dr. Brewer provides services through telemedicine or in person if you are in the Lexington, KY area. We found a lot of pre-diabetes or undiagnosed insulin resistance. The treatment of unrecognized risk factors, such as pre-diabetes, reduces risk and prevents diseases.

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Video credits to Ford Brewer MD MPH YouTube channel

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    Why Would I Use Prolon after Water Fasting?

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