Why is Diet Soda Bad for Diabetes

Why is Diet Soda Bad for Diabetes

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I mean from the beginning there is a division among many experts in relation to dietary soda and diabetes. Now I'm not an expert but I have an opinion. The question I got was why the soda diet is bad for diabetes. I personally do not think it is. However, I will give you research on both sides of the problem and let you decide whether or not you should drink diet soda.

I really feel the reason why most people have an aversion to diet drinks is that at one point, there was much debate about the safety of artificial sweeteners. Many feared that these sweeteners would cause certain types of cancer. Studies conducted in the 1970s suggested that artificial saccharin from the sweetener was linked to bladder cancer. Since then, however, saccharin has been considered safe. Both the National Cancer Institute and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) consider the non-toxic sweetener. Aspartame, another common but controversial sweetener, has also been licensed for use as a substitute for sugar.

The FDA regulates artificial sweeteners as food additives. Check and approve artificial sweeteners before they can be sold. Some foods are "generally recognized as safe" and do not require FDA approval to be sold. However, aspartame and saccharin, commonly found in diet drinks, are reviewed and approved by the FDA.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) lists diet drinks among drinks considered safe. The ADA recommends them as an alternative to non-dietetic varieties.

While diet sodas are safe, they are far from nutritious. In addition to dietary soda, the ADA recommends water, iced or hot tea without sugar and sparkling or infused water. Even milk and 100 percent fruit juices, while containing carbohydrates, can be wise choices when you consider the nutrients they provide. Be sure to limit fruit juices because of their high natural sugar content.

Carbonated glues also pose some risk. A 2000 study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine investigated the risks of queuing in youth. The study found that drinking carbonated beverages was strongly associated with bone fractures in adolescents.

Although it was not shown for children, the study raised concerns about the long-term negative impacts of carbonated glues.

Diet sodas can also create problems specifically for people with diabetes. A study published in Nature showed that, in mice, artificial sweeteners can lead to an increase in insulin.

In my research here is what I have found are the actual pros and cons of drinking diet sodas:

Pros of drinking diet soda with diabetes include:

– Contains less carbohydrate than regular soda.
-Measure the sugar craving without a sugar overload.
-You are consuming fewer calories.

Cons of drinking diet soda with diabetes include:

-You are consuming calories but you do not get any nutritional benefits.
– It's full of unhealthy additives.
– Long-term dietary soda intake is associated with weight gain and other health risks.
– Research shows an increased risk of diabetes and metabolic syndrome with diet soda and regular soda intake.

There is really no consensus out there regarding the effects of diet soda on your diabetes. One study says it will hurt you and another study comes along and says it is completely safe. In my opinion, the choice is up to you. I would not make diet soda my main intake of liquids in one day, however, a couple of cans will not kill you either.

Just be smart, make an informed choice and live your life. You have to look at yourself in the mirror every day.

Video credits to The Diabetes Council YouTube channel

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    Why is Diet Soda Bad for Diabetes

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