Why Dawn Phenomenon Increases High Blood Sugar Effect for Type 2 Diabetics

The Dawn phenomenon, also known as the Dawn effect, begins between 4 and 8 a. M. It can be harmful for people with diabetes who are trying to diet and exercise and abstain from carbohydrates.

But even when food is restricted, the liver is responsible for releasing sugar from the glycogen it has stored in fat stores.

Increasing your medication is not the best option to control this. In fact, it is a sign that the liver is finally trying to self-heal. Embracing the process is healthy.

If you are in nutritional ketosis, you will probably understand that the burning of sugar is important for the control of diabetes. It is a normal process.

People who diet low in carbohydrates should be experiencing this effect.
Watch another video from me that shows you how a simple exercise reduced my blood sugar level by 78 points in 25 minutes here:

I share how the Dawn effect happened to me this morning, when I saw a 69-point increase in blood sugar.

Why does the Dawn phenomenon occur in non-diabetic people? Everyone experiences a hormonal response of cortisol, human growth hormone and glucagon when preparing to get up during the day. The effect is usually not noticed or increases a few more points because insulin works correctly to reduce blood sugar. Only those who are doing tests, mainly diabetics, see this change.

Explore Dr. Jason Fung's explanation of the Dawn phenomenon in this blog article: what I have obtained for more information. His book The Diabetes Code also explains it in one of the last chapters. Check it here: (affiliate link).

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    Why Dawn Phenomenon Increases High Blood Sugar Effect for Type 2 Diabetics

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