Welcome Sullivan! The Beautiful, Safe Delivery of our Baby Boy

Our third and last baby was born on March 8, 2018 and I finally finished his birth vlog and I wanted to share it with you!

I had a high-risk pregnancy due to an autoimmune disorder, gestational diabetes and gestational hypertension that was beginning to progress to preeclampsia. We planned an induction at 38 weeks, but everything changed when I went to my routine prenatal appointment and my blood pressure was extremely high, so high that it was very dangerous for me and the baby, for what my doctor wanted me to be. to the hospital to be induced immediately!

Because I had a successful VBAC (vaginal delivery after a cesarean delivery) with our daughter, my doctor was confident that the induction would work and I could have another successful vaginal delivery. But because there was still a (very small) risk of uterine rupture (and that increases with induction), my doctor did not want to be too aggressive with the induction so that we were both safe. So it was intentionally a very slow and gradual process, which ended up taking four days in total: we started the induction on Monday, and the baby Sullivan was finally born very late on Thursday night at 37 weeks and 2 days. We were very well taken care of and, although I could not achieve another VBAC as I expected, I was able to experience a very positive, peaceful, reverent and beautiful birth in which I felt strengthened and respected. Because Sullivan was born at term, we had some problems with feeding, which made his fight against hypoglycemia worse, but we were able to overcome them and finally take him home that Sunday night.

As this process was very long, I edited this outstanding version of his birth story to share with you the beautiful moments that surrounded my labor and delivery, and the first days after his birth until we brought him home. These sweet moments will always be so valuable to me, especially as I see my other two children meet their little brother for the first time and love him as they did. We were also blessed to have Justin's grandmother there to help, and an incredible birth photographer to capture these incredible moments!

»My doula, Mackenzie & # 39; s Channel:

»My birth photographer, Laura Shockley:

»Newborn photography by Laura Shockley
and also RB photography:

»Baby # 3 Playlist:

»History of the birth of Caledon (traumatic cesarean section):
»The story of Kerrigan's birth (VBAC):

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    Welcome Sullivan! The Beautiful, Safe Delivery of our Baby Boy

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