Weekly Q&A | Effect of Keto on Thyroid, Metabolism & Blood Sugar

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Weekly questions and answers | Effect of keto on the thyroid, metabolism and blood sugar – Thomas DeLauer

Does Keto slow down or increase your metabolism?

Marçal torà

That means that OMAD every day will not slow down our RMR while on a ketogenic diet, right?
Because he mentioned that doing OMAD on a daily basis could decrease the RMR, and therefore we should not do it too often. For example; Go back to 16/8 every other day to keep it.

Gennaro Scotti

Thomas, why is there much information about keto that reduces hormone levels in men older than 45 years, which makes it difficult to lose the last remaining areas of body fat that remain? What is the age correlation? What changes to more than 45 years?

Kerry Scorer

Is not it different for women than for men due to hormonal fluctuations?

You're right, but …

Hi, TDL Thanks for the great video. Question: What are the benefits / drawbacks of a slow metabolism as long as you do not overeat?

Your thyroid in keto and intermittent fasting

Christian Trevino

Hi Thomas, what if you do not have a thyroid but you supplement with a synthetic thyroid hormone?

Alex Smith

Why are peacons and macadamia nuts so addictive?

Sara modiri

I have read a lot about the fact that vegetables with goitrogen have a negative effect on the thyroid, but many of them contain many nutrients. Many substitutes for keto carbohydrates (cauliflower rice, broccoli, etc.) are made from them and I find myself eating these vegetables often. Do you think this should be a real concern if I'm hiccuping? I always cook them and I know that that is supposed to be better, but I was not sure how much this concept is supported. Another issue that I was wondering about are the night shade vegetables in relation to the inflammation in the body. Any info is greatly appreciated! Thank you

Wilson Kit

How would the disease affect the graves?

Is your blood sugar important in keto and fasting?

Roseann Dietsche

Thomas, would you suggest measuring your A1C instead of a daily glucose, or will the results be similar?


So, what about the GKI (glucose-ketone index)?

TK421ps S

Thomas – thanks for the video as always. I know it's relative, but what numbers would you consider to be a big increase in your normal blood sugar level around 90?

Little voice

A high level of sugar in the blood causes damage to blood vessels and neurons (so people with diabetes end up with nerve damage, loss of sight, etc.). But what is the impact of high insulin? Is it also harmful?

How to build muscle with fasting | The last guide

Christie OQuin

I break my 18 hours fast 4 hours after a workout. Is it 4 hours after a long training?

Little voice

Would this mechanism be of equal weight? E.g. If it is low clinical weight due to carcopenia but now regains health. Would it be beneficial to add extra protein in this case when you are not fasting?


Should not I wait an hour or two after training before I eat? Or is this only if I want to burn more fat and not build more muscle?

Ashley Dawson

Is there anything I can do to ensure that the performance in the gym is not affected during the fast? For me there is a big drop, especially if I start to feel pangs of hunger while I exercise.

Video credits to Thomas DeLauer YouTube channel

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    Weekly Q&A | Effect of Keto on Thyroid, Metabolism & Blood Sugar

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