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The advance of electronics and computer technologies allowed the creation of devices that already belong to our day to day, such as computers, tablets and smartphones.

But it does not stop there: a trend that begins to take its first steps, as prices become more affordable, is that of portable technologies.

Do you want to better understand what it is and how the teams that use this technology can contribute to the business of your company? Continue reading to find out:

What are portable technologies?
The "wearable technologies" are composed of devices that can be used as if they were a garment or accessory.

They are glasses, watches (smart watches), bracelets, hearing aids, rings and many other devices, some that need to be synchronized with smartphones, for example, and others that connect directly to the Internet.

The concept of wearable technology, which is still little known, promises to revolutionize from simple tasks such as measuring pressure or a new way of interacting with other mobile devices to helping medicine with devices that control more serious problems such as diabetes and high rates. of cholesterol. The new devices developed expand the concept of simple mobile devices, becoming part of the user's body.

The amount of products available in this field is so great that it is strange to think that only a few years ago this type of technology was only seen in futuristic films. The technologies proposed today by different companies such as Apple, Samsung, Google and Motorola compete with each other to excel and win customers. This is a scenario as unusual as the one that was compared a few years ago. In fact, the immense range of possibilities that are offered to the public today does not seem to descend from a few years of research, which was consecrated with portable, practical and very useful devices.

Smart Watches

Another trend in the wearable scenario is smart watches. A curiosity of this device is its discreet success given the high expectation of sales. The big question about smart watches is what else can they do for the user, and smartphones are always at hand with anything we need.

Smart watches are being developed to attract the smartphone user in order to optimize their experience through one more device, consisting of a specific operating system capable of supporting executable applications in the background while the clock fulfills its main function: to display the hours . The problem in question is the duration of the useful life of the battery, since a simple watch that only shows the hours has a battery that generally lasts between two and five years, while a smart watch, due to its functions, does not last Not a whole day.

For this technology to take advantage of the competitive environment, the independence of other telephones is fundamental, otherwise it would not make sense to pay for a more limited device than conventional smartphones and there is no significant advantage. For this, the concepts of mobility and portability must be deepened and studied for the next step.

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    Wearable Technology || Best Wearable Tech Products

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