Top 10 Gadgets to Help Manage Your Diabetes

Hello friends, care ► The 10 best gadgets to help control your diabetes #Health health:

1. pill organizer
Keeping track of medications and their dosing schedule is easier with a plastic organizer. There are styles with one or more compartments for each day of the week. If you have a smartphone, set an alarm to activate each time you need to take your medications.

2. food scale
Practicing portion control is an important part of healthy eating to help control your blood sugar level. Eliminate the guesswork of measuring that 3-ounce serving of chicken with this kitchen gadget.

3. Food plate
One of the favorite tools is a plate that is divided into four sections. It is based on a program of the United States Department of Agriculture and shows you what unique portions of proteins, grains, fruits and vegetables really are.

4. pedometer
This small portable device keeps track of all the steps you take during the day. Some pedometers are basic meters, while others maintain more detailed activity records. But everyone helps to encourage him to move more during the day, which is an important goal in the control of diabetes.

5. Medical alert identification
Whether you're in favor of classic gold jewelry or a more contemporary style bracelet, wearing a medical alert ID could save your life. In an emergency, the information allows the first responders and others to know that you have diabetes.

6. Smartphone applications
People who love gadgets will probably love the range of smartphone apps that can help track all aspects of diabetes control, such as caloric intake, carbohydrates and water, exercise costs, sugar levels in the blood and medication compliance.

7. Bath thermometer
If you have diabetic neuropathy, it can be difficult to know if the water in your bathroom is too hot. Although you can use an elbow to test the water, a thermometer will give you a more accurate reading.

8. Inspection mirror
Checking your feet daily is a must, but it can be difficult to see your plants and between your toes. A magnifying mirror with a long handle or shaft is very helpful.

9. Magnifying glass
If the small print of your medications is too small, the magnifying glass is a magnifying glass. Some insulin pens have a magnifying window to help you set the dose more easily.

10. Continuous glucose monitor
This device is connected to your body and provides continuous monitoring of your blood sugar levels through a sensor that is replaced every few days. This tool is particularly useful for people with diabetes who do not detect signs of low blood sugar or who need to control their blood sugar level every two hours or overnight.

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    Top 10 Gadgets to Help Manage Your Diabetes

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