TheTruth About Your Food with FOOD, INC. Filmmaker Robert Kenner

The Oscar nominated director, Robert Kenner, joins us to talk about the film and food industry and the unbridled success of his film.
By presenting clips from the film, we delve into the inspiration behind the production, as well as the filmmaking process and how the success of the film has taken Robert to a new level of being an activist.

Robert Kenner & # 39; s Food, Inc., is one of the best theatrical documentaries of all time, selling almost 500,000 DVDs. Food Inc. received critical acclaim, including an Academy Award nomination, and has influenced current food policy decisions. Dear PBS Contributor American Experience, he received a Peabody and an Emmy for Two Days in October, in addition to directing The Road To Memphis for the Martin Scorsese series, The Blues.

Mr. Kenner continues to work in film and social networks to transform the food system.

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00:01 BYOD Introduction.
00:23 Food, Inc., Clip: "The dollar menu."
02:46 Subsidize food that makes us sick and how cheap food is.
04:49 Food, Inc., Clip: medicine bills and diabetes.
06:35 Robert's options to shoot the family.
08:25 The effects of the film on the family and its community.
09:53 Find history as a filmmaker.
11:31 Concern about taking the food industry and being sued.
14:31 The national school lunch program: accepts all grades of "food".
15:01 Describing "pink baba" and the new food system based on chemicals.
18:15 Food, Inc., Clip: Barbara Kowalcyk.
23:13 Robert gives more information about the case of the Kowalcyks and the diseases caused by food.
25:31 Keep the movie entertained while lying is exposed.
27:19 Decide what areas of the food industry will be displayed.
27:55 Food, Inc., Clip: raising chickens.
31:16 Pay the cost of talking to Food, Inc and a whole species of chicken.
33:27 Update of farms in factory standards.
34:35 FixFood and going from filmmaker to activist.
38:19 Ten films within a theme and without knowledge.
40:45 Less farmers than ever and the subsidized market.
43:11 Food, Inc., Clip: Farmer Joel and the debate for centralized supervision.
47:06 The new film industry on the food industry.
47:44 How the movie found an audience, DVD sales and Oprah support.
50:26 The Daily Dig Down.
55:22 Robert's farewell words.

Video credits to TheLipTV YouTube channel

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    TheTruth About Your Food with FOOD, INC. Filmmaker Robert Kenner

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