The Science of Success Everything You Know About Sleep Is Wrong with Dr. Matthew Walker

In this ep we discuss everything you always wanted to know about the dream. We examine the findings of hundreds of studies in millions of people and draw the main findings on how vital sleep is, the global epidemic of sleep loss, the amazing data on sleep and productivity, the simplest and most effective evidence-based strategies for to get better. sleep and much more with Dr. Matthew Walker.
Dr. Matthew Walker is a professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley, and founder and director of the Center for the Science of the Human Dream. He has published more than 100 scientific studies and is the author of the book Why We Sleep: Unlocking the power of dreams and dreams. Which is currently the # 1 best selling Amazon in Neuroscience. He has appeared on numerous television and radio channels, including CBS 60 Minutes, National Geographic Channel, NOVA Science, NRP and the BBC.
Epidimic of global sleep loss: the average American sleeps only 6.5 hours per night
The dream has been slowly eroded by our society in the last 60 years
The dream is vital and essential from an evolutionary point of view; you can not cut the 25% of the necessary sleep you need
Studies in millions of people show one thing: the shorter your sleep, the shorter your life
If you sleep less, you will die sooner, the lack of sleep kills you faster
Lack of sleep is an important predictor of "all-cause mortality," such as cancer, Alzheimer's, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression, and suicide
Hard science shows why lack of sleep is terribly bad for you
The dream has an image problem, we stigmatize the dream and think it is lazy and lazy: people use lack of sleep as a badge of honor to celebrate
Less sleep time does not equal more productivity
The 5 clear truths of sleep research and productivity
Employees under sleep take less challenging problems
They produce fewer creative solutions
Exercise less effort when working in groups (lazing around, socially lazing)
They are more likely to lie, cheat and engage in deviant behavior
The more or less a CEO sleeps, the more or less charismatic they will be
Chronic exhaustion cost the first world nation 2% of GDP: 411 billion dollars lost each year due to lack of sleep
The research is very clear in the sense that people with little sleep are not as productive or successful
The evidence is bluntly clear: cutting off sleep makes you less productive and less creative and less effective
After staying awake for 21 hours, you are as cognitively affected as someone who is legally drunk
The two main types of sleep: REM sleep and non-REM sleep
The different stages of sleep: the 4 stages of REM sleep
Hard science shows that deep sleep is essential to eliminate toxins from your brain
The dream is like a wastewater system for your brian: clean all the toxins and debris from your brain
The less sleep you have, the higher your chance of getting Alzheimer's
The different cognitive systems in your brain also work during sleep; it's like saving files on a hard drive, you have to sleep to get the save button
The emotional circuits of the brain are changed and modified by the dream: the amygdala (which controls the fight or the flight) is regulated by the prefontrol cortex
Lack of sleep can have a serious negative impact on your emotional health
Sleep reboots the body's systems too, not just the brain
Deep sleep is one of the best blood pressure medications you can imagine
Deep sleep regulates insulin levels and blood glucose levels
Sleep is also essential for the reproductive system
Sleep increases testosterone and lack of sleep makes you 10 years older from the point of view of testosterone
Appetite, weight and food intake are regulated by sleep: lack of sleep makes you eat between 300 and 550 calories per day and forces you to eat more foods with high sugar content and high carbohydrate content.
Sleep also has a profound impact on the immune system: a night of 4 hours of sleep will reduce the natural killer cells (cells fighting cancer of the body) by 70%.
The link between lack of sleep and cancer WHO recently classified night work as a probable carcinogen
Sleeping 5 hours a night makes it 200-300% more likely to get a cold than someone who sleeps 8 hours a night
There is not a SYSTEM or PROCESS in the body / brain that is not affected by sleep
The most striking omission in the current health literature is that sleep is not at the center of the health conversation
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    The Science of Success Everything You Know About Sleep Is Wrong with Dr. Matthew Walker

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