The most 8 important advices for diabetes disease:

The 8 most important tips for type 2 diabetes:

Most people with this disease suffer a lot to keep the sugar level at a normal level (glycemia). These are some tips that will serve as a guide to control your disease.

1. The number of meals you should eat: you should eat a fixed amount of meals per day and avoid skipping a meal.

breakfast lunch dinner

2. Bite: do not eat between meals, because this bite can increase your weight, which is not necessary in your case.

3. To respect the amounts of food indicated by your doctor: in general, it is necessary to respect the quantities of vegetables, fruits and bread that your doctor tells you.

Eat only wholemeal bread.

whole bread

4. Decrease or even limit the consumption of sweet-tasting foods: limiting the consumption of sweet-tasting foods will undoubtedly help improve your health.
Example of a sweet-tasting food: sweets, caramel, jam, fruit paste, soft drinks, chocolate, …

Sweets, caramel, jam, fruit paste, chocolate.

5. Decrease or limit the consumption of foods that contain a high percentage of fat: the intake of foods high in fat promotes weight gain, which is not favorable in your case.
The consumption of high-fat products in large quantities, in some cases favors the onset of cardiovascular diseases.

6. Vary the food in your daily consumption basket: it is necessary to vary the products consumed daily, which must contain at least five fruits and vegetables.

7. Watch your weight: you must be careful not to lose weight or gain weight.

8. In the end, the most important advice, on which it must be guaranteed that all people with diabetes or not, is physical activity. But in the case of diabetics, you must perform a regular physical activity adapted to your abilities.

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    The most 8 important advices for diabetes disease:

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