The Keto Answers Podcast 030: Biohacking: Transforming Your Health – Dr. John Limansky

It is now easier than ever to alter the internal mechanisms that keep us healthy.

We interrupt our circadian rhythm by working long hours and having blue lights turned on late at night.

We damage our metabolism by eating processed foods with a high content of sugar, grains and trans fats.

We increase our stress levels by spending too much time on social networks and working when we should rest.

Thanks to these unhealthy habits, more people suffer from preventable lifestyle diseases that drastically reduce their quality of life and life expectancy.

Today's guest, Dr. John Limansky, realized how damaging choices of unhealthy lifestyles are when he became a doctor.

When he visited one of the sickest parts of the US UU In Mississippi, he saw 20 years of age at the end of their lives with obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, all due mainly to poor nutrition.

That is why he decided to change the focus of his career and become a preventive doctor.

Dr. John Limansky, also known as The Keto Doctor, is a physician certified by the board of internal medicine, father of 3 and founder of Biohack MD.

Dr. Limansky's preventive approach is biohacking: the process of making impactful lifestyle changes that improve your health and well-being.

Through his medical practice, Dr. Limansky discovered that he can prevent diseases by changing his lifestyle.

He began to help people improve their overall health and take their patients off their medications by optimizing sleep, nutrition, physical activity and other important aspects of health, instead of simply prescribing medications.

Today I speak with Dr. Limansky about the most important Biohacking strategies he uses to improve the health of his family and patient and exactly what he can do to begin with.

In this episode, we review:

Why Dr. Limansky decided to focus on biohacking and prevention
How Dr. Limansky made the change from traditional clinical practice to what he does now
How Dr. Limansky plans to bring health knowledge to a local level in the coming years
What biohacking means
The most important lifestyle adjustments you can make for optimal health
Why you should concentrate on the changes that are the most difficult for you
Why a proper dream should be your priority # 1
Side effects of not getting enough sleep or high quality
Effective strategies to radically improve your sleep
How to easily incorporate exercise into your lifestyle
The benefits of going from extreme heat to low temperatures
What is cold thermogenesis and its benefits
How to make cold thermogenesis when traveling
Why cold showers do not provide the same metabolic benefits as cold thermogenesis
The advantages of combining fasting, physical activity and cold thermogenesis
The health markers Dr. Limansky tracks
How Ketones are tracked based on people's health goals
Why you prefer to track ketones in your breath over ketones in your blood
How long do people take to see how their ketones increase in the blood?
Why some people do not do well in keto
How can people know if they need a personalized keto approach
The benefits of fasting
What heart rate variability (HRV) is and why Dr. Limansky measures it
How to reduce stress (suggestion: you have to address several things at the same time)
Why it is important to reconnect with people with their phone turned off
The benefits of meditation

Video credits to Dr. Anthony Gustin YouTube channel

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    The Keto Answers Podcast 030: Biohacking: Transforming Your Health – Dr. John Limansky

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