The fitness project 2018 – Week 2 guideline

The fitness project 2018 – Guide of the week 2

From the shastras to their nanis and dadis, and now even the Sunday Mail of London sings their glories. He keeps his company from birth to death, in sickness and health, through good and bad. He has been defamed by the food and weight loss industry for a long time, demonized even by the medical and pharmaceutical industry, but Satya aur ghee ki hamesha jeet hoti hai.

So here comes the guide for week 2: eat ghee. No fear, no fault, no doubt.

Add 1 teaspoon of ghee to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Especially useful for PCOD, diabetes and heart disease, blood pressure, heartburn, weak joints, constipation, IBS.

Notes –

1. You can have your breakfast about 20-90 minutes after the first meal you are following since week 1.
2. Add an extra teaspoon of ghee to the food if you have sweet cravings or experience a depression later in the afternoon when you feel you are operating at 50% potential.
3. Add an extra teaspoon of ghee to dinner if you wake up with constipation, have IBS or general digestion problems or suffer from poor sleep quality.
4. Some other ways to add ghee, especially in winters to keep the joints flexible and the skin shiny are:

– Have toasted ghee makhanas as a mid-Chai meal time, say 4pm
– Godo laddoos made in ghee especially if you live in the north-
India or in parts of the world with harsh winters as a mid-morning meal, 2-3 hours after breakfast
– Ghee & jaggery as post lunch or dinner if you have PMS, fatigue or low Hb levels.

If you can not have ghee for some reason, you can replace it with Til (sesame).

Frequently asked questions about ghee will be published in the next 2 or 3 days. Meanwhile, read the chapter on Ghee from #Indiansuperfoods

Please complete the tracking form for week 1 –

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Video credits to Rujutadiwekarofficial YouTube channel

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    The fitness project 2018 – Week 2 guideline

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