Tech Knowledge Episode 1 – Inception

Meet Lorena, a "rookie" at Abbott who is thrilled to be part of the Abbott crew that runs 99,000 deep. You would be too if you had worked so hard to achieve an objective like her. Now that he is here, he has the mission of showing this pioneering company … all while he was incredible in his daily work as an expert product in therapeutic nutrition. As part of your introduction to All Things Abbott, you will hear the details about our technology that changes lives directly from the experts involved in carrying them out. Join her as she explores our advances in health that are helping people live their best lives every day. This is Tech Knowledge, a series of online videos about Abbott's innovations. Settle down It's going to be a fun ride.

If you know where you have been, you can help shape what is to come. Here Lorena takes a step back in time! For generations, Abbott has been at the forefront of health innovations. It all started when Dr. Wallace C. Abbott, an experienced physician, first produced drugs with exact, scientifically formulated doses at his pharmacy, as Karmin (an experienced Abbott professional) explains. The rigorous medical study of the good doctor, the innovative methods and a work ethic "Do it now" are very recognizable today around his company of the same name. Thanks for the example, doc.
We like to say that Abbott has the power of permanence in which he can rely with the desire to make new ideas in realities. But it's not just an exaggeration. For real. Look at these exemplary examples:

• For people living with diabetes, our FreeStyle Free glucose monitoring system eliminates routine finger tips for glucose control. That is great.

• Our iOS-compatible neurostimulation device, the first in the world, helps relieve the most difficult cases of chronic pain.

• Our i-STAT portable blood analyzer, a point-of-care diagnostic tool, provides fast and accurate results for anyone who needs quick information, from hospital patients to marathon runners.

We will never stop innovating to create a smarter and healthier world. We are honoring our past by offering the future. That is the trip. Join Lorena for her.

Explore the technological knowledge that drives the way we work to create a technology that changes life every day:

Neu-ro-mod-u-la-tion: Do you know what it means ?:

Interested in life-changing technology for glucose monitoring? We are sure that the control of diabetes will never be the same:

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Video credits to Abbott YouTube channel

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    Tech Knowledge Episode 1 – Inception

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