Stop Snoring . ✅ Throat Exercises To Treat Snoring & Sleep Apnea . US

✥ Stop snoring. Throat exercises to treat snoring and sleep apnea

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Follow and practice the exercises step by step. I make sure you will sleep well in 1 week if you practice regularly.

✔ Step 1. Three times a day for 2 mini exercises:
1.1. Press the tongue against the floor of the mouth and brush the top and sides with a toothbrush
1.2. Pressing the length of your tongue against the roof of your mouth and hold it.

✔ Step 2. Place a finger on the side of your mouth. Hold your finger against your cheek while pulling the cheek muscle at the same time. Repeat 10 times, rest, and then alternate sides. Repeat this sequence three times.

✔ Step 3. Put your lips in a balloon. Breathe deeply through your nose and then blow through your mouth to inflate the balloon as much as possible. Repeat five times without removing the balloon from your mouth.

✔ Step 4. Gargle with water for five minutes, twice a day.

✔ Step 5. Hold the tongue slightly between the teeth. Swallow five times Repeat five times a day ..

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    Stop Snoring . ✅ Throat Exercises To Treat Snoring & Sleep Apnea . US

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