Sharpsburg Georgia Chiropractor Dr Matthew Davis Fasting Benefits

Sharpsburg Georgia Chiropractor and lifestyle consultant:

In this week's health tips video, Dr. Matthew Davis, director of Crossroads Chiropractic, discusses fasting as one of the key interventions to improve health and longevity.

Obesity is now overcoming hunger as a global health crisis, and it is soon approaching the number one reason for disabilities and chronic degenerative diseases around the world.

The latest evidence strongly supports that the human body struggles to function properly when we feed it continuously. This continuous feeding will increase the human body developing a chronic degenerative disease.

Research has confirmed that many processes of biological repair and rejuvenation take place in the absence of food.

This tells us that refraining from eating or fasting may be the answer to improve overall health.

Fasting is defined as abstaining from any food for a large part of each day, or some days every week or month.

Interestingly, fasting is one of the oldest documented dietary interventions in the world. Many of today's experts are supporting fasting as a result of the profound benefits that fasting has on the impact on health and longevity.

However, there are a variety of types of fasting; The main component is the cycle of eating and fasting.

By copying the eating habits of our ancestors, you restore your body to a more natural state; influencing a wide range of biochemical benefits that occur.

The benefits of fasting include:
Reversal of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes
Weight loss and improved body composition.
Decreased risk of heart disease and cancer
Improves cognitive function.
Longer longevity

If you are thinking of integrating fasting into your life, check with your doctor if you have any underlying health problems.

Dr. Matthew Davis, chiropractor of Sharpsburg Georgia, has served in the Sharpsburg area of ​​Georgia and surrounding areas for more than 15 years. Dr. Matthew Davis has a dedicated approach to helping you and your family reach your health care goals.

Growing up, Dr. Matthew Davis, a well-known chiropractor and lifestyle consultant from Sharpsburg Georgia, suffered from headaches. After only 2 months of discovering the natural approach of chiropractic, his headaches were resolved. He recalled how the chiropractor explained how the nervous system controls the body and its responsibility to heal and regulate, so if you have problems with the nervous system, then you have problems healing and regulating. Astonished by the body's ability to heal itself, he decided to pursue a career in health care because it had changed his life and he undertook to do the same for others.

Dr. Matthew Davis, a well-known chiropractor and lifestyle consultant from Sharpsburg Georgia, offers services at his office at Crossroads Chiropractic @ 3339 Highway 34 E, Ste C. Sharpsburg, GA 30277.

Dr. Matthew Davis Sharpsburg Georgia Chiropractor and lifestyle consultant specializes in pregnancy, pediatrics, fibromyalgia, headaches, dizziness, neck pain, car and work accidents, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, sciatica, digestive problems (weight gain, indigestion, reflux), as well as general lifestyle attention. The Crossroads Chiropractic Center has provided first class chiropractic care and lifestyle for more than 15 years in Sharpsburg, Georgia and the surrounding areas of Newnan, Peachtree City, Senoia, Turin, Palmetto, Fairburn and Tyrone.

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Phone: (770) 252-1848

Video credits to Crossroads Chiropractic YouTube channel

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    Sharpsburg Georgia Chiropractor Dr Matthew Davis Fasting Benefits

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