Pricking ! Home Based Glucose Test ! How to check blood sugar at home ! #drtusarofficial

Prick! Home glucose test! How to control your blood sugar at home! #drusaroficial

#glucosetest #homemadeglucosetest #diabetictest

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Today I will upload the video about
Glucose test in the home that is easy, affordable and safe too.

The blood glucose test in the home is a safe and affordable way for people to check diabetes before it causes problems. This is useful, since diabetes does not always cause symptoms, especially in the early stages.
In the United States, more than 1 in 4 of the 30.3 million people with the disease in 2015 did not know they had it.

For people who already have a diagnosis of diabetes, a simple blood glucose test at home is vital to allow them to control their blood sugar levels.

A home test of blood glucose could even save lives by preventing the complications of a constantly high blood sugar level. Complications of diabetes can include cardiovascular diseases, kidney problems and nerve damage.
Monitoring blood glucose in the home indicates how effectively the body is processing glucose.

The home blood glucose kit reads the glucose test strips. These strips allow the machine to detect the level of glucose in a drop of blood.

People get a sample of their blood with a small, short needle.

To perform accurate tests, people must keep a record or record of the foods they eat and look for trends in their blood glucose readings.


Wash your hands.
Place a lancet on the lancet device so that it is ready to operate.
Place a new test strip on the meter.
Click your finger with the lancet on the protective lancing device.
Carefully place the next drop of blood on the test strip and wait for the results.

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blood sugar test results table
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How to make diabetes tests at home.
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    Pricking ! Home Based Glucose Test ! How to check blood sugar at home ! #drtusarofficial

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