Obesity and Diabetes secrets from Jason Fung and Gary Taubes… what they told???

Just devote 10 minutes of your time to a healthy future. What Jason Fung and Gary Taubes told about obesity and diabetes.

Ketogenic diet explained in a simple and scientific way (Telugu).

Why are we fat and hungry?

ఖాదర్ వలి డైట్ పనిచేయటం లేదా? Khadar Vali vs VRK / Keto Diets, which is better?

కాదర్ వలి Vs వీరమాచినేని డైట్ ఏది బెటర్ బెటర్

డైట్ లో తీసుకోవలసిన జాగ్రత్తలు

FOOD FAT AND FITNESS is a fitness and diet channel of the new era that you can follow if you want to lose weight and keep fit.

Mohan Jakkula himself underwent a ketogenic diet plan with intermittent fasting and lost 14 kg of weight and left metabolic problems that most of us are burdened due to our food and eating habits.

In a continuing effort to share his knowledge and experience with all those in need, Mohan Jakkula has started this wonderful channel that will guide him to help him lose weight and stay in shape.

His words…

"I am a biology student and I studied Animal Science for 4 years as part of my professional graduation at the SV veterinary university.I have studied Physiology and Nutrition of many aquatic animals during my professional graduation.I am fascinated by the Endocrine System, the Cardiovascular System and the Digestive System in animals and humans.

In addition to that, I have done extensive research on different diet plans and have lost around 14 Kg in less than 3 months. After doing a lot of research with the knowledge I have about animal physiology, I found answers to many of our old questions related to diet and health and I thought about sharing my knowledge and experience with people to help them.

You can contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Mohan Jakkula
9390680547 (WhatsApp mobile number)

All the information shared in this channel is derived from the experiences of Mr. Mohan Jakkula in his experience of weight loss and also through his study in the area of ​​Animal Science since he graduated professionally in that area.

Perform all necessary medical examinations before starting any diet program. Always seek the advice of a doctor or other qualified health consultant with any questions you may have regarding your medical condition. Mohan Jakkula is not responsible for any of the health problems he may face while doing any diet program through watching videos on this channel and without the necessary expert consultation.

Video credits to FOOD, FAT AND FITNESS YouTube channel

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    Obesity and Diabetes secrets from Jason Fung and Gary Taubes… what they told???

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