New Diet System – Lecture by Sh Kiran Watare (Part 1) (नई भोजन प्रथा)

New diet system – Part 1 Incredible conference of Sh. Kiran Watare Ji

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Sh Kiran Watare ji follows the NDS method taught by Sh. B.V. Chauhan Saheb Ji and Part 1 of the conference explain the basic concepts of why we are full of diseases today and what is wrong with our daily routine.

New Diet System – NDS (New Diet System is designed by Shri BV Chouhan Saheb, who runs Swadarshan Sadhana KENDRA in NASHIK, MAHARASHTRA: many people have severe migraine, spondylitis, frozen shoulder, severe back pain, spinal problem, spinal gap , Sciatica, knee problem, fracture, torn ligaments, calcium deficiency, low hemoglobin and many more cured their disease with the New Diet System.

Diseases corrected by the new diet system! Get to know this new miraculous diet system! This diet system has been prepared by Mr. B. V. Chauhanji, founder of Swadeshi Sadhan Kendra, Nashik, Maharashtra. Severe migraine, spondylitis, frozen shoulder, severe back pain, spinal caps, spinal gaps, sciatica, knee problem, fracture, ligament tear, calcium deficiency, less hemoglobin,

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More than 40 diseases are treated by this sister through the New Diet System! Learn about this new miraculous system! This dyeing system is prepared by Mr. B. V. Chauhan, founder of the Swadeshi Gift Center, Nashik, Maharashtra. He suffered from diseases such as severe migraine, spondylitis, frozen shoulder, severe back pain, spinal cord, spinal gap, neoplasm, knee problem, fracture, ligament tears, calcium deficiency, less hemoglobin.

نیو ائٹ سسٹم کی طرف سے بہن نے اپنی 40 زیادہ بیماریوں و ٹھیک کیا! جانیں اس نئے معجزہ کے نامہ کے بارے میں! یہ تیاری ریعہ اکٹر بی وی وہن جی نے تیار یا جو جو ظفر, مہاراشٹر کا مرکز ہے وہ سنگین دماغ, اسپانسینڈلیس, فرجنڈ شوڈر, سنگین پیٹھ درد, ریڈ کا مسئلہ, اسپینل گپ, کٹیسوناولول, کٹنے کا مسئلہ, فریکچر, لیگامنٹ ٹائر, کیلشیم کی کمی, کم ہیومگلوبین جیسے بیماریوں کے ساتھ.

الجديد هذه الأخت عن طريق نظام غذائي وحددت أكثر من 40 مرضا! معرفة المزيد عن هذا النجام الجديد نظام غذائي معجزة! وقد تم من قبل رئيس الوزراء, الي هو مؤسس مركز زراعة تنظير اتي, ناشيك ناشيك عاهاراشترا عداد نظام اش ك ن وكان يعاني من أمراض مثل الصداع الشديد, الفقار, الكتف المتجمدة, آلام شديدة في الظهر, مشاكل الظهر, جاب الشوكي, وعرق النسا, الركبة, والانكسار, تمزق في أربطة, نقص الكالسيوم, وانخفاض الهيموغلوبين.

Through this new food system, this sister has cured more than 40 diseases. Learn about this new miraculous food system! The general food system was prepared by the Chief Minister of BV, who is the founder of SWADARSHAN SADHANA KENDRA, Nashik Maharashtra. He suffered from diseases such as acute migraine, spondylitis, frozen shoulder, severe back pain, back problem, spinal cord, knee failure, knee problem, crack, ligament tear, calcium deficiency, low hemoglobin.

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    New Diet System – Lecture by Sh Kiran Watare (Part 1) (नई भोजन प्रथा)

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