My Fasting-Focused Lifestyle Part 2

Follow me on my weight loss, my lifestyle focused on fasting and my journey to get healthy! Here is the text of my first video:
Over 60 and overweight? How to lose it!
Cindy's advice for Sane Keto
I lost 50 pounds in less than 6 months just by following the ketogenic diet; that's the low carb diet with a moderate amount of protein. However, I have seen people start and stop, and the main reason is that they did not keep their electrolytes and rebuilt their mental processes. Let me share how I started and lost the weight, and CONTINUE to lose weight!
First of all, there are three things you should do:
1. Clean your pantry of ALL sugar (including syrups), grains (wheat, barley and oatmeal), starches (potatoes) and alcohol (that's where the wine goes). DO NOT REPEAT ANYTHING ABOUT THIS BECAUSE if you eat any of those things, you will undo your ketogenic progress.
2. Obtain some type of electrolyte supplement. You can get it in powder or in capsules, but I only use Morton Lite Salt because it has a good proportion of sodium and potassium, and you need both to prevent headaches and muscle cramps.
3. Obtain a ketogenic cookbook and become your goal to make as many recipes as possible. The reason for this is that it will teach you how to stop relying on grain flours to create baked goods, and it will also show you how to make wonderful desserts that will satisfy your cravings during the first few months of the diet.
Once you do that, the diet starts! However, remember this: about 3 days in the diet, you will lose a ton of water and you might have a headache if you do not ingest enough electrolytes. That's why I'm telling you to get salt from Morton Lite! Once you start, you can have all the meat, eggs, bacon, fish, chicken, any meat, green vegetables (avocados are favorites!) And have them all swimming in butter if you wish. You can chop ketogenic "fat bombs" if you want; These are high-fat desserts that you'll see in cookbooks! However, be sure to see all the labels of anything you buy and try to keep your daily carbohydrate intake below 20 grams; I tried to keep mine at ZERO, and that's why I was very successful at losing weight. Also, remember that it is OK to eat BUTCHER, but it is not OK to eat SUGAR; The best substitutes for sugar in the ketogenic diet are erythritol and monk, and you can buy them on Amazon.
Eat three meals a day and eat all the snacks you want for the first month or so. Then, when you are mentally trained (it is about redoing your eating habits, so it's mental!), Cut the sandwiches and desserts one by one. Eat your three meals a day and let that be everything. Then, when you feel comfortable with that, what could be a couple of weeks or a month, try to cut a meal and eat only twice a day!
If you can take care of your food intake and stop eating things that stimulate your pancreas (sugar, grains, starches and alcohol), you can set the stage to completely relearn and completely reverse type 2 diabetes, decrease your blood pressure , and lose tons of weight.
Once you start this diet, you may find that you CAN NOT eat as much as you thought you could, especially during the second month. The wildest thing that happened to me in the first month of this diet is that I LOST MY HUNGER! That is one of the most wonderfully unexpected benefits of the ketogenic diet for me because I could not understand why I was hungry all the time. The reason was that it was "insulin resistant" and every time I ate sugar / starch / grain / alcohol, I went straight to the fat instead of burning myself.
If you are starting to learn about the ketogenic diet, it would be a good idea to search on Google and learn everything you can about it. There are millions of excellent videos about it on YouTube, and my two favorite ketogenic doctors are Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. Eric Berg; just look them up on YouTube and watch their videos.

I hope this helps!

Video credits to Cindy Rhodes YouTube channel

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    My Fasting-Focused Lifestyle Part 2

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