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Today we will talk about lifestyle and autoimmune disease. It is a StemGenn disease management program. It is a holistic approach to wellness to eliminate diabetes and other autoimmune diseases with the use of stem cells scientifically. Our 360-degree approach encompasses lifestyle management, diet counseling, continuous monitoring and personalized stem cell therapy plan.
Diabetes is a silent killer, here we use a concentrate of bone marrow or mobilized purified blood, for diabetes to control its resistance to insulin, apart from this liver cirrhosis. There are other autoimmune diseases such as alcoholic liver cirrhosis, liver diseases, intestinal lung diseases, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease. diseases, multiplier sclerosis that covers the stemGenn disease management program.
We use bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to control diseases such as erectile dysfunction. And it also helps to manage and balance the entire hormonal level. So you can have better insulin resistance. For a healthy life, you must use a stemGen disease management program. This program is totally based on regenerative medicine and cell therapy.
StemGenn provides manufacturing of cells compatible with cGMP, consulting services that address regulatory, financial and technical procedures, as well as training and quality systems strategies. Our services engage a broad spectrum of assistance and consultation associated with the process and product development, validation, diligence evaluations, tissue collection, processing, storage, manufacturing, distribution and transportation of products. .
If you are dealing with such diseases, we are here for you. and we will give you the best. Together we can create a healthier tomorrow.
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I am Dr. Prabhu Mishra, Managing Director and Founder of StemGenn, a leading firm that provides Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell therapies that have been established as undeniable. Revolution in the health industry.
This channel has to do with the treatment with stem cells for the various diseases. We give you the best treatment.
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    Lifestyle and Auto Immune Disease | Stem Cell Therapy | StemGenn Therapeutics

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